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3.4 /5

Lake Point Tower

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Resident reviews

3.7 /5
Improvement seen in quality compare to past
affordable living in good area, currently they are improving quality of living and removing bachelors from this place
1.6 /5
Worst place
This place is worse,you live like in school hostels where you can not have visitors though paying rent. You don't have freedom,the security will embarrass you in front of people who are visiting you.i got sick one day and they couldn't allow people to visit me.
5 /5
very good
good place and facilitates very near from metro and shk.zayed road , super market shops restaurant .
4.3 /5
Excellent property
Lakepoint is an excellent property to live. Clean and well maintained with good security. Nice pool and gym., close to the AlMas lake and chill out spots of JLT. A short walk to DMCC metro. RTA bus stand right in front of the building. 24H supermarket, restaurants, salon and grocery store in the complex. Very close to Dubai Marina. Don't go by history and very old negative comments.
3.6 /5
Updated Review
I noticed that most of the reviews are outdated. This was the period where there were 2 or 3 agents were sub-leasing the apartments (with & without the owner's knowledge & consent). The sublease of a huge number of apartments was done on sharing and mostly a lot of partitions in the apartments that led to overcrowding, long queues on the elevators & major pressure on all the utilities of the tower. However, the situation has drastically changed now with the removal of most of the partitions and a solid grip on the entrance and close monitoring of the sharing activities. I encourage you now to revisit the tower and check on its condition.
4.9 /5
The best tower.
We moved into Lakepoint a couple of years back. The building has the best layout, panoramic sea view, no traffic, some of the best night spots like Nara, Pizza Express, UBK etc jus a min walk away, an Al Maya and Adil in the cluster etc.. The building has a perception of being over crowded due to sharing of apartments, however in the last year alone there was a massive crackdown and probably a thousand sharing guests were made to vacate.. There still maybe around 5 percent pending which will end with the leases in a couple of months as no new guests are allowed to move into those apartments. Besides the builder has stock that he has released into the market and considering he has already made his money on rent in the last few years he is selling at a discount. All of this makes it a fab buy. And most negative comments about the tower are either disgruntled sharing guys or dated.
4.1 /5
Improving day by day
Majority of the reviews appear to be from tenants that have left the tower before management took action. This building had its bad share of being run into the ground by agents/middlemen who were involved in sharing/overcrowded. Since June 2020, building management along with security have started to weed out all such people involved in over crowding and running illegal partitions. New prospective tenants are urged to visit the tower, observe the the facilities and speak with security/building management. Security has become super tight and residents without proper documentation are having to face difficulties in accessing the tower.
2.6 /5
Cheap and you get what you pay for
I have to agree with some of the more negative comments on these reviews. The elevators can take forever, with some peoples etiquette being somewhat undesirable. Due to the high number of people, I'm guessing during my time of living here, there was quite a bit of apartment sharing. The location is good - getting in and out of JLT to the common access roads is easy. Plus it is close to bars/restaurants and shops. I think it must be one of the oldest buildings and the apartments can show this - especially in the bathrooms and kitchens with cupboards and detailing being very worn. I never had an issue with smells or insects, but it was a common complaint from others. I didn't like the pool area - right at the top of the building and inside - smelt very chemically and wasn't well maintained. I would recommend paying a little more rent and staying somewhere else.
2 /5
Worst Building in JLT
Lakepoint.. where to start? Huge queues to the elevators that can take up to 15 min wait, full of sharing, very low maintained apartments, really one of the worst buildings in JLT. Maybe the only good thing about it are the sizes of apartments which are pretty large and spacious.
1.4 /5
I do not recommend
Old apartment Bad smells Damage electrical equipment &old kitchen wood And door frame . Elevators always under maintenance New construction for jebel ali uptown so too much noise day & night