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2.4 /5

Armada Tower 3

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Resident reviews

2 /5
Living in this tower is the worst experience we had. Move-out was a mission impossible. Wall was humid and mold everywhere. Trash chamber very smelly. Corridor very dark. Pool dirty and close very early in evening. I don't want to mention the poor service and maintenance because other residents had already did.
1.9 /5
Worst Maintenance Services
Bedroom door lock jammed, it took 4 hours to get the maintenance guys. Guys contesting that first you pay and then we will fix it, knowing fully well that the wallet is also inside the bedroom. Lousy maintenance.
1.4 /5
Worst Management
It is the worst tower I have ever experienced. Any kind of move in or out during tenancy, for example to replace a TV or microwave, you need to apply move-in, and pay upfront deposit. Most of people had to "smuggle" from underground parking access. It's NOT acceptable. No outside contractors allowed unless 10,000 AED of upfront deposit.
1 /5
Worst tower in JLT
I lived in several towes in JLT but this is the worst. Bad maintenance, everything is old apartment. The pool and GYM are so bad and water in the pool is always cold in the winter. Dont move here this is my advise.
1.4 /5
The worst experience ever in JLT
Don't rent in Armada buildings. Its the worst experience i have had in Dubai. Very bad gym. The pool is very bad and cold in winter and smells.
2 /5
Management Issues..!
This tower is in a good location but the management is bad. VERY expensive AC bills on a monthly basis even if you don't turn it on. Poor maintenance. As for the Gym and the Pool - you can consider that you don't have them!
3.7 /5
Good Tower
I have stayed in several towers in JLT and this is one of the best. Everything is amazing. I've stayed here for 1 year and planning to stay longer.
1.7 /5
Bad management
The management is very unprofessional, they make you pay for everything even for grouting when you move out. Unacceptable for visitors to pay high fee for parking. Maintenance is slow & very expensive.
4.7 /5
Very well maintained Tower
Clean Tower , very well maintained and very strict security as it is managed by Armada Group. Location is excellent with 5 mins away by walk from metro. I have stayed in it as a tenant for 2 years now and am fully satisfied with the experience.
2.1 /5
Worst experience in Dubai with rental property
Do not rent here - management and maintenance is horrendous, pipes leaking, water coming through outside walls, never get windows cleaned, bin rooms smells terrible, airconditioning awful, had 2 geysers replaced, two floodings from airconditioners, 3 pipe cleanings, drains had to be cleaned, plus when moving in you have to pay upfront deposit, you're not allowed to get outside contractors to come fix anything in your rental without them paying AED10,000 deposit, so you are forced to go through the contracted maintenance office. My husband was threatened with police questioning management office on water running through walls (coming through where plugs are) - building says owners responsibility, our agent never answers his phone which means as tenants we are 100% stuck with a situation where we are helpless. We were also locked out of parking and gym/swimming pool for 3 months when owner did not pay her levies. Worst experience I've had in living and renting in Dubai for 9 years.