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4.3 /5

Saba Tower 2

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Resident reviews

5 /5
Best quality tower in JLT
Best quality tower in JLT, very well maintain and organized, quality resident also is there
4.7 /5
Top class Property
This is the one of the best property one can find in JLT . I can share my experience after staying in Saba2 for the last 7 years. Best for kids due to park in the vicinity , no traffic jams , well maintained building and many more. Will recommend to anyone who plans to live in JLT .
4.4 /5
very nice tower
the Parc behind the tower is fantastic for kids, tower nice and clean and quiet, looks first class.
4.7 /5
One of the best towers in JLT / Marina
I have been living in this tower for the past 3 years and it is way beyond most JLT towers in terms of standards, finishings and facilities. The apartments have nice layouts and the common areas are kept clean and display very nice finishings. The balcony is large and comfortable and the maintenance helpful whenever repairs are needed. Security is nice and welcoming.
5 /5
Great Building
The finishes are top quality and has excellent maintenance. The location is the best in JLT.
5 /5
Awesome Marina Skyline view in the best tower in JLT
Having lived in the 5-star Bonnington tower, this tower seems like an upgrade. My unit is so spacious, bright and airy. Service is top notch and the park down stair is amazing for kids. The best part is the rent is almost 60% of what I paid at Bonnington. It shows again that you don't have to spend a ton to find true luxury in Dubai
4.3 /5
Nice place to live
Probably the best building I've stayed in JLT. I've moved in in 2016. The only concern is the guest parking. Also if it's facing Sheikh Zayed expect some noise
2.3 /5
Not a great tower anymore
I moved in in 2016, believing that this is one of the best towers in JLT. But as time passed, I realised this tower has more disadvantages than advantages Positives- close to metro, supermarkets, good security staff, clean pool and gym Negatives - 1. Very noisy, with trucks coming in between 11:30pm and 4:30 am, and between 6:00am and 11:30am everyday and they stop right next to the building with their engines on. Honking cars at night, especially on weekends when parking is full can ruin your sleep. 2. The central airconditioning cooling pipes are perennially leaking. There is water dripping from the false ceiling on the floor in many apartments and the walls turn black and moist. Neither the building common management nor the owners are ready to take responsibility to solve this issue. 3. Horrible neighbours who either make noise at 3am or always threaten to call the police for every small inconvenience they face. I have faced troublesome neighbours in my stay there. 4. Maintenance is pathetic. The common maintenance staff pitch in to see the problem, but will never do repairs inside the apartment. The maintenance people they refer to fleece you for even small repairs.
5 /5
Very good building with great facilities - the BEST in JLT!
Very good building with great facilities. Most probably the best building in JLT.
4.9 /5
A very pleasant and comfortable place to live.
The property is maintained very well. Apartments have been built to a high spec. Common areas are clean and maintained regularly. Staff is very friendly and supportive. Overall experience is very good. If you are looking at moving to this building, we would definitely recommend it.

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