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4.2 /5

Saba Tower 3

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Resident reviews

4.6 /5
Excellent Managed Building
The building mamagement is outstanding. During Pandemic, they have maintained high level of hygienic control. And they had just completed upgrade in lobby. I like most the fresh flowers in lobby. Community park very close to building.
3.7 /5
Nice building
Nice area to live in close to the JLt park and lakes . The building is very well mantained although the pool had been inoperative many months last two years . Our flour was very quiet and no noise at all from other flats. Supermarkets just below as well as salon and bakery. I really recommend this building
4.4 /5
Excellent Building
Excellent building management. They have set up professional thermo scan system in lobby since beginning of Pandemic. I don't find this system even in my office building which is high-end office building. Internal cleaning, security staff, trash room cleanness are excellent.
5 /5
Excellent for families with kids as park and restaurants nearby, very family friendly residents in building. Fairly quiet as good soundproof windows structure and overall build quality. Plenty paid guest parking. 2 major supermarkets in same cluster. Overall good vibe in building especially in lobby and pool area. Perfect for us.
4.7 /5
Hard to find a flaw
We were lucky to find a really well-kept unit at the cheapest price possible in the JLT - Marina area. The unit is very spacious and gives you that at-home feeling. This is due to the really high ceiling (must be over 3 meters?) This is a major difference compared to the other units which have short ceiling which make us feel like living in a shoe box all the time.
4 /5
Good Building
Very well kept and maintained building. The green JLT park / sports and children facilities is just seconds away. Staffs are very friendly and ready to assist at any time. Guests parking is the problem. Only been living here a few months but the apartment and around are amazing. The around parks are so children friendly and really safe. All in all, a great home in the JLT.
5 /5
Perfect JLT tower for family with kids
Our family love the park and the lake down stair. Our boys can play soccer and be active. We can stroll around the lake, enjoying Asian food or walking to the beach. I can be wrong. But I don't think you can find this kind of all-in-one amenities (big park, lake, mall and beach) within walking distance in Dubai. Not for this kind of money at least
4.4 /5
Nice building, upgraded facilities. Excellent maintenance with lovely fresh flowers in lobby. The community park is a bonus for SABA 3. Only issue is guest parking.
3.3 /5
Average Service
Moved in less than 6 months ago, had several times emergency water shut-down. There are in total 4 lifts to serve 380 apartments, but often, 1 or 2 lifts are switched off. Seems there are Airbnb apartments inside the building, so a bit of traffic. Like all JLT clusters, guest parking is paid. Building construction quality is good.
3.1 /5
Review of my first home in saba-3
I have excellent deal to have apartment in saba 3 tower. very beautiful location, with bigger area, wider rooms and cool view of marina. Security and services are from novus community management. novus is very poor team with poor performance and low rated management.