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4.2 /5

Arabian Villas

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Resident reviews

4.4 /5
Lived here 10 years
Lived here for almost 10 years and very happy. Perfect for family with large gardens, quiet, and close to everywhere I need to go. Enjoy being able to walk across the street to play tennis. Only thing missing is community pool, but one can be a member in Jumeirah Islands.
3.6 /5
A backyard as "big as a football field"
Ever wondered how it feels to have a garden as big as 8,000 sq.ft, well move to JVT. Affordable villas just 10min by car from Marina. This child and dog friendly community offers shops, beauty salons, tailors and schools (Sunmarke and Arcadia Preparatory School). Here neighbors meet and greet. Though this is not a gated community, the developer employs a company that patrols the street 24-7. So where is the catch? The developer stopped investing into the community a long time back. Landscaping leaves much to be desired, fountains are dry, the pond is rather a breeding ground for mosquito and even some abandoned construction sites give this place a feeling of being the forsaken child (community) by the parent (developer). But once you enter your property, you turn your back to the shortcomings of the community and enjoy the space of your own big backyard. Upcoming next in the community: A shopping mall is to be finished in 2020 and a third school is under construction.
4.3 /5
Family friendly
Great community to live in with your family
4.4 /5
A family friendly environment to live in
4.1 /5
Friendly environment with lots of activities provided. Co-operative security

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