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3.3 /5

Green Park

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How do residents score Green Park in the following categories?
Staff / Security
Gym / pool
Children friendly
Traffic near property
Guest parking

Resident reviews

2.6 /5
Worst facility ever
Quite And secure place to stay but with bad facility specially Gym is just a joke. Pros: clean - quite Cons: weal facilities specially Gym
4.1 /5
Good Place
Overall it is a very good place to stay, specially if you have the community view.
3.3 /5
Please I beg, many regular gym goers have been finding difficulties working out and enjoying this buildings facilities I have been complaining for over 2 months and nothing has been done ...!!!
Fix the gym please add new equipment such as bench press and bicep bar with weight plates
3.1 /5
Value for money
A good value for money, a very nice community. Poor in terms of proximity to attractions and public transport.

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