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3.7 /5

Tajer Residences

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Resident reviews

3.6 /5
Hidden gem in Downtown
I've lived in Tajer for three years. I looooove this community. It's quiet and it's super accessible to Dubai Mall. You just go down to Souk Al Bahar, cross the bridge and voila, you're in the world's largest shopping mall in minutes! The gardens around the apartments are lovely. It's got two swimming pools with the amazing view of Burj Khalifa. You can just lie on your back or hang out by the pool and take in the view. You will feel like you're living in a resort. There are also so many nice sitting nooks around the community, surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and trees. The only problem is that the apartment buildings are old, probably the oldest in Downtown, so expect to have plenty of maintenance issues every few months or year. If not a broken AC, you will have leaking pipes in the ceiling or heater than needs to be replaced. Or the fridge, washine machine might need replacement. There is also constant sewerage smell coming out of the drains that will constantly annoy you. Good luck!
3.6 /5
A piece of heaven in the middle of the city
I lived in Old Town Island for three years, in Old Town (Manzil side) for one year and elsewhere in Downtown area for 7 years! So, believe me when I say this part of Downtown is a piece of heaven. This place makes you feel like you're living outside the city when you're right smack in the middle of Dubai's happening hub. Dubai Mall is just a few steps away. There's a grocery and some coffee shops and restaurants downstairs (in Souk Al Bahar) and plenty of other dining options nearby. Your apartment is surrounded by landscaped gardens. The highlight of this community is the landscaped gardens and great ambiance. There are plenty of little nooks to just sit and relax in -- on a bench under a tree, by the pool, in the public library, on the terrace outside the library overlooking the pool, or on your own balcony! It's super quiet, except when the birds pop by and sing in chorus. In the three years that I lived there, I couldn't recall a time I heard my neighbour. Well, this probably depends on the location of the flat. If you choose the ones right above the main Souk Al Bahar, especially the ones overlooking the fountain, the lake or right next to The Address Hotel, these units will probably be noisy. What you should be looking for are the units above the parking of Souk Al Bahar because they're a bit secluded. My only complaint about this place is that the apartments are very old and they always have maintenance issues - if not the AC, the heater or the leaking pipes in your ceiling. Another recurring and very annoying problem is the sewage smell from the bathroom or toilet drains.
4.3 /5
Lovely Apartment and compound
I was leaving in this apartment for one year ago it was very beautiful apartment with beautiful views from the balcony. The compound very quite and easy access to Dubai Mall which is my favorite. I wish to leave in this apartment again but unfortunately my company moved to Abudhabi.
2.9 /5
Beautiful but noisy
A beautiful compound with beautifully landscaped gardens and great facilities. Amazing views of Burj Khalifa from the poolside. The mall below is lovely and very convenient. Huge guest parking managed by Green parking. We wouldn’t have moved if we didn’t need to deal with constant maintenance issues and noise. Walls are paper thin, you can hear every neighbor from every direction, from above and below at most. Apartments with external views above restaurants and public walkways are incredibly noisy till 2am-2.30am. We might have had maybe a different experience should we have lived on a top floor or in an apartment with internal views such as poolside. We loved the compound and it’s lush gardens, but it’s probably more suitable for holiday homes, rather than home for full time working persons and children.
3 /5
do you like parties? come!
I spent here 1 year, flat was nice but old with a lot of issues to fix Maintenance poor but We managed it Pool is huge with an amazing view on Burj Khalifa Full of green evrywhere and extremly clean PROBLEM, when u spend this amount of money you expect that you can sleep, FORGET. It seems that people who lives here dont have work in the morning Parties till 1 or 2 am and secutiry will not do nothing. So , prepare yourself, everyone here can have a parties with a lot of guests almost every night, it was normal for neighbours show to their guest how beautiful and unique view on burj khalifa they have and after celebrate in the garden
4.9 /5
And I am the one that lived here for the last 5 years
I read the first review above and I don’t know who wrote it but it does not in any way accord with my own experience. I have been the tenant for 5 years and like the location so much that I have now bought a property just across the pool from this one. The sound levels from neighbours have been more or less none. The sound levels from the fountains and streets is more or less none. The sound levels from the pool and the playground is pleasant and not disturbing. The location is great with the Souk al Bahar restaurant “heaven” and Dubai Mall just around the corner. The pool is great, the gym is fine unless you’re a gym nerd. The maintenance has been ok, once the AC was fixed. I have no complaints - I have loved it and would recommend it - so much so I bought one!!
2.7 /5
It's terrible noise from 11pm till morning and from 8 am till 5 pm. It's quiet and calm only during high peak tourist hours when fountain is working (6-11 pm). You won't be able to sleep at night or sit at your balcony at daytime. Noisy construction near Burj Khalifa and Address Downtown. Noisy air condition outer blocks from Address downtown facing directly one wall of Al Tajer. No schools nearby. Very few appartments occupied in Souk al Bahar and a few in Al Tajer. But you will hear your neighbours living 3 flats left or right to yours. Bad maintenance in the apartments. . Common territories are very good. GYM is not big, but ok. Pool is ok. Huuuuge guest parking
4.7 /5
A piece of heaven in the middle of Dubai...THE place to live in!!!!
Amazing in everything except for the traffic near by

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