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3.3 /5

The Fairmont Palm Residence South

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3.3 /5
Gradually worse since West Beach came along
Will be quick: 1. Noise! Unbelievable and beyond belief that the outdoor clubs at West Beach have been given free rein to blast (and I mean blast!) their music every night until 1-2am. This includes weekdays. Weekends are a whole other level of crazy! This by far is the reason I'll be leaving South Residence after many happy years. 2. Pool is really nice. 3. No dedicated gym facilities within the building. You've got to pay for membership at the Fairmont hotel and then use the hotel gym or the one in North residence. You get other benefits included with membership, such as beach access etc. Just keep in mind that starting rate is around 4500 AED per person per year (at time of writing).

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