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3.6 /5

Latifa Tower

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Staff / Security
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Resident reviews

2.4 /5
well maintained building but security is a huge issue
Very presentable building, and well maintained. Management are very difficult to get hold of. Security is a big issue, no checking of IDs an unmanned door entrance to the side of the building, they let anyone in that walks towards the key accessed door. Cold callers knocking on doors, people walking in to our apartment "by accident". fFyers posted under doors. Traffic noise is quiet considering location. However fire alarm goes off at least 3 times per week usually between 1am-3am.
3.9 /5
Friendly staff,nice finisher
Get two car parks from a 2 ed flat
4.1 /5
Top level maintenance
The maintenance is on very high level.amenities are quite enough to live comfortably
3.9 /5
Great building
Latifa tower is a great building. The staff that work there are great. The only thing that can make it better is to have some green area for kids to play.
3.9 /5
I mostly lOve the spaces and facilities specially the pool and the Gym and improvement can be done by giving the guests free parking not paid one or at least 2 hrs free

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