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4.1 /5

The Links West Tower

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3 /5
We weren't so lucky
The view from the balcony facing the golf course is great, at least on the 30th floor where my wife and I live. That's the only positive I have to share. Oh and also the common areas are clean and the concierge service is fine. Pool and gym are ok, nothing special. Shops and restaurants nearby and close to the highway. Now for the cons: The walls are paper thin, I can hear every noise in the surrounding apartments, TV's, toilet flush etc, including my upstairs neighbor who has been hammering and drilling for the past 3 months almost every day, sometimes up till 9pm. I'm writing this at 9:30 am on the 31st Dec and right now he's hammering something, I can even hear the nails falling on the floor (and I'm not Daredevil). Someone has been squatting our parking spot for a whole month now, just left his car in our assigned space and left the country on holiday. Security is basically helpless. Police won't intervene because the parking is situated in a private building, a logic I fail to understand. If you have visitors you better warn security well ahead so they can make parking arrangements. Community management is non-existent, 4 months there and I have no idea who the community manager is. On the top floors, the parties at the golf club and neighboring event venues can get really loud at night and during the day helicopters and planes can get quite exhausting if you don't have a high tolerance to noise. And it's a pet friendly area so be ready as well for the chiwawa that goes berserk in the middle of the night or early morning. Verdict; for what you will have to pay to live here, I'd honestly suggest getting a villa instead somewhere else.
5 /5
Very good at all
Very relaxing area.clean and green.
4.4 /5
Excellent building in a very quiet and centrally located area. Quiet and well maintained
The Links complex is excellent, very well maintained and high quality. The unique green location cantrally located close to all attractions makes this a fantastic place to live.

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