Akhtar Hussain

Akhtar Hussain


اللغات:English, Hindi, Urdu

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ريرا# رقم تسجيل الوسيط الصادر للوكلاء العاملين في شركات الوساطة المسجلة في مؤسسة التنظيم العقاري في دبي 43527

خبرة منذ:2010

Committed to achieving success in the real estate industry, Akhtar is an accomplished property consultant. Energetic and enthusiastic, Akhtar enjoys meeting new people and thrives on being able to build long-term client relationships.

His high attention to detail and ability to think outside of the box means that his clients will benefit from his assistance. He is always striving to go the extra mile in order to succeed. Service means everything to Akhtar and he has a strong determination to deliver not only great results but an exceptional and rewarding experience. With an outstanding caliber of client care and flawless follow through, he is an honest professional who is eager to devote his skills and abilities to his clients. Akhtar understands the importance of making a great first impression and always endeavors to provide first class service.
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