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Vinay is from India and moved to Dubai in 2004. He has worked in the Aviation industry for over 16 years in a variety of leadership and training roles. Having been part of a diverse workforce of 120+ nationalities and having travelled extensively around the world, he is adept at working with different nationalities and understands the subtle nuances in different cultures and will be in a strong position to uniquely understand your needs.

Real Estate has always been a passion for him and over the years he has built a portfolio of properties in Dubai and in India. He lives with his wife and children in Palmera, Arabian Ranches and his children also attend the community school, JESS. As a resident he will be able to share his knowledge of all of the facilities available in the community and the surrounding areas. Vinay has very effective communication skills and great interpersonal skills and will work tirelessly to ensure you find the property you desire.
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