Anahit Gevorgyan

Anahit Gevorgyan


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Anahit has been in Dubai since 1991, where she worked for Dubai's most prominent real estate and investment companies. Her career grew through the entire journey of freehold property in the UAE. With decades of extensive real estate experience, particularly in the UAE, she delivers international standards of practice and due diligence, with a vast knowledge of all areas of Dubai, both in residential and commercial sectors. Not only has this journey been an interesting one but also a significant element of her expertise in giving comprehensive advice to both local and internatonal investors and end-users.
Her deep understanding of the market has evolved from the launch of freehold property, through its peak and its trough, to this somewhat more mature and promising landscape. She specialises in acquiring and disposing of commercial and residential assets for a range of multinational clients. Her experience includes sales across all commercial sectors, including hospitality premises.
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