Andre Stalevski

Andre Stalevski


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I come from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and moved to Dubai at the end of 2013.
I hold a Business Administration Diploma, a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and attended Law School in University of Alberta prior to joining Espace.

During my time at Espace, I have acquired a diverse range of skills and developed an intricate knowledge of the Dubai real estate market.
Espace is a highly customer focused organisation where there is a strong emphasis on building lasting relationship with our clients. I am fortunate to work with a highly supportive team, whose knowledge and professional work ethic has been instrumental in my development.
As the Dubai property market goes from strength to strength, I am excited about the continued expansion of the company and the future in Real Estate.
Representing sellers and purchasers in Dubai is a unique and rewarding experience, and I look forward to successfully representing your business interests in the future