Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones

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Andrew was born in the UK and raised in New Zealand and moved to Dubai in 2007. The last 14 years have been in the Aviation Industry where he gained a senior management position with the National Airline. He is a very dedicated and disciplined person and was an international swimming champion in his younger years and currently has made a name for himself in Muay Thai Kick Boxing and competes all around the world.

Andrew is an enthusiastic and dedicated individual who demonstrates a high level of commitment and professionalism. A passion for Real Estate, he is a proven time manager and organizer. Andrew is definitely goal driven and tenacious, demonstrated determination and problem-solving abilities to meet all targets and deadlines. A strong team player and communicator, skilled in the establishment of positive interpersonal relationships, both professional and personal. Looking to list or lease a property, please call Andrew and he will promise you his undivided attention.
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