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Bobby holds a BA Honors in Business Management from the Middlesex University.

Joining Betterhomes LLC at the age of 19, he climbed his way up to being Nominated for UAE's Top 10 Best Agents in 2018, an Elite Agent in 2019 and Top Leasing Agent 2020. He is one agent in the game who sells real estate in a completely different way as his knowledge of the city and the market is second to none.

Bobby specializes in the luxury segment to which his portfolio mostly contains EXCLUSIVE listings from his loyal relationships with his high profiled, VIP clients, and international property investors, as he has a wealth of knowledge and experience within each community in Dubai.

Coupled with great customer service, humble presence and his power to understand and listen to the needs of his clients, he builds fantastic and respectful relationships with everyone, this on the other hand has helped Bobby build a distinguished reputation of himself locally and globally.
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