Derrick Kanakulya

Derrick Kanakulya



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ريرا# رقم تسجيل الوسيط الصادر للوكلاء العاملين في شركات الوساطة المسجلة في مؤسسة التنظيم العقاري في دبي 43751

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Derrick delivers the best service based on his hard work and professionalism . Derrick has shown performance in selling and renting units . His areas of specialization are The views ,Greens and Downtown.His success lies in customer satisfaction, dedication and reliability. His main objective is to deliver the highest quality of service and strive to make the customer happy. He thoroughly enjoys his job and finding the right property for every buyer.He is extremely hard working and will give one hundred percent focus until he has found the customer their dream home. Buy, Sell or rent with Derrick an experienced, qualified and professional Agent, giving you peace of mind.
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