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Eric Michael


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My journey in UAE began in 2009, January 25.
I started first from a small brokerage company and later joined prestige and successful real estate agencies in March 2016. Our performance brought me into early limelight; my team and I were featured in the Prestige Magazine.
Fast forward, I gained a lot of experience over the years through challenging times and situations; deals that came through and deals that fell through. I also learned a lot from other agents and listening to my investors. I know what they want and I know what to do.
I harnessed the power of networking, breaking into regions beyond the middle east, namely Africa (Precisely Nigeria).
In 2018, I made a decision that would set me back. Long story short, I fell, I learned, I returned and I focused. Things are different now!
I am currently with Dream Catcher Real Estate. I like the company because I see opportunity for me to grow and develop a new skillset for me in the business.
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