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Gupesh Sharma


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If you are looking for a person to rely upon, as far as leasing or sale of a property or searching a property best suiting to your taste, requirement and budget is concerned, I can be contacted at all times.
I have a pleasant personality and being a trust worthy individual, known for dedication, hard work and sincerity, would rest only after the task is accomplished.
Very transparent working pattern, clear titled properties, lawful documentations / procedure and a cheerful person to converse with are my plus points.Having more than 11 years of Dubai Real Estate experience,and worked with Dubai reputed real estate agencies ,understands the needs of clients and is very well versed with,the properties having value for money with their growth potential.As a licensed personnel from Dubai Real Estate,I have thousands of satisfied individuals and corporate clients who are live testimony to my workaholic nature,ultimately resolving their property needs.
Contact me for any real estate need
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