Hira Sohail

Hira Sohail


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A successful former restauranteur, Hira knows only too well the stress of juggling a busy downtown hotspot. With more than a decade of experience in corporate sales, customer service and relationship building, she has worked closely with many highly-regarded, respected businessmen and women around the world. Drawing on her experience–multi-tasking and delivering on promises her strongest suit–Hira has already made an impressive mark on the Dubai property market.
Her unwavering belief that great service can only be delivered based on listening, understanding, attention to detail and honest, professional communication, the mother-of-two believes transactions are built from lasting relationships.
Hira welcomes the opportunity to deliver these principled values to clients across the emirates.
Hira has lived in the UAE for 9 years, is RERA certified with a BA in marketing from the U.K. Her love for the job is based on meeting and interacting with others and a love for sales.
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