Imran Aslam

Imran Aslam


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I would like to introduce myself, Imran Aslam originally from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. I have graduated in Bachelor Degree and completed professional training courses to mould my career. I came to Dubai in 2000 to explore the opportunities this great city has to offer and it was at that time Dubai Real Estate was introduced to expats.
I have been working in UAE real estate since 2005 and I have acquired over 14 years of extensive experience with specialized knowledge in both Dubai & Abu Dhabi. My key areas of expertise include Emirates Living, Dubai Marina, Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City District One, Mina Rashid Port, Dubai Harbour Creek and Dubai Hills.
As an Exclusive Links Real Estate Client Manager, customer satisfaction is my top priority and my aim is to provide my clients with exceptional service and match with the perfect property. I am goal oriented, dedicated, and committed to serve my clients with true professional knowledge, respect, honesty and integrity.
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