Jade Morris

Jade Morris

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Jade is a recognised, award winning agent that prides herself on having a positive, can-do attitude with every situation she is faced and transparency being a key aspect of her success.

Jade relies on strong morals, providing a professional, straight forward and honest advice that resonates simplicity in her results.

You can rest assured by working with Jade, you will be supported in finding the right home for yourself or your family.

After 8 prosperous years in the Dubai Real Estate market, Jade has now launched her own company that truly represents her identity and will continue to build on her remarkable portfolio of trusted clients.

Jade is known for her ability to retain long lasting relationships and after sales service. The handover of keys is not the end, it is a new beginning.

Weather you are looking to Buy, Sell, Lease, or you would just like some advice on the Dubai Real Estate market please feel free to contact Jade on 0561421204 or Jade@jadeandco.com
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