Joshua Ficco

Joshua Ficco



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Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Josh spent over 3 years in the Building Development Sector as a Project Manager for an internationally recognized development consultancy. His passion for the property field led him to Dubai, where he could apply his knowledge in a different sense within real estate.
Enthusiastic and professional, Josh prides himself on his ability to communicate and adapt to any to personality whilst building trust and long-lasting relationships with his clients. His tenacious work ethic and building knowledge are what drives his success, providing customers with a sense of comfortability when choosing a home.
Josh believes in a “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” approach being meticulous with attention to detail on every property and client, allowing the two to be paired with precision.
As one of the Haus & Haus Town Square specialists, his charisma and passion are what he prides himself on, ensuring all his clients walk away with a new set of keys and a smile.
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