Madleen Michaud

Madleen Michaud


اللغات:English, French, Spanish

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ريرا# رقم تسجيل الوسيط الصادر للوكلاء العاملين في شركات الوساطة المسجلة في مؤسسة التنظيم العقاري في دبي 52805

خبرة منذ:2022

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Madleen Arod has a genuine and pleasant personality who enjoys intercommunicating with people and gains their confidence easily through her ability to deliver their visions and needs. Her years of experience in hospitality in many countries like France, Switzerland, and Florida (United States) has honed her customer service skills, with the professional tools needed with dealing with different kinds of clients as she speaks three languages, French as her mother tongue, English and Spanish. Madleen is French by birth and when it comes to looking for a new place she makes sure to provide her clients with very thoughtful and considerate services.
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Largest Layout | Maids Room | High Floor

L برج, الأبراج الإدارية, الخليج التجاري, دبي

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3 حمامات

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Luxuy and Furnished | Partial Lake Views

سيفن سيتي في أبراج بحيرات الجميرا, أبراج بحيرة الجميرا, دبي


1 حمام

415 قدم مربع


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Fully Furnished Apt w/ Burj Khalifa View

داماك ميزون شارع مول, دبي وسط المدينة, دبي

1 غرفة نوم

1 حمام

882 قدم مربع