Megan Olivia Ely

Megan Olivia Ely

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Megan is very passionate and target driven with every job she has been involved in. She likes to go that extra mile to produce great results for all her individuals. Customer service is a big thing for Megan she likes to ensure all her clients will have the best journey at Betterhomes. Making it something to remember.

Megan moved from the UK as an Insurance broker dealing with customers closely on a one to one basis providing them the best care and attention. Although every situation was different every client had Megan’s full attention and efforts to provide the best service. Megan then moved onto working in car sales for a while providing the same care and making sure she had a full understanding of what her client requirements were to provide the best results. She takes extreme pride in all her work every day even when she comes across a new challenge to ensure her client will always be satisfied and to have her full trust.
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