Mohammed Haque

Mohammed Haque

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I have a natural passion for real estate, having worked in the UK real estate industry for several years. I have now decided to embark into a new life and with exciting opportunities in Dubai, I continue my career in real estate with Exclusive Links, an award winning real estate brokerage.

I am an honest, reliable and professional agent, dedicated to assisting you in finding you the right property to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for your future home or an interesting investment for your portfolio, you can be rest assured that I will deliver the full buying package. I offer my commitment to support you throughout the whole process from start to finish and beyond. Providing excellent customer service and communication is what I pride myself on, building and protecting relationships is the success of my strong interpersonal skills and expertise.

As a keen sportsman I have taken up a new passion for golf but I truly admit I have just learnt the swing of things.
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