Pushkar Karnik

Pushkar Karnik


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Working in Real Estate Sector is about how one embodies experience, loyalty, knowledge and diligence to serve people. This industry has enhanced my ability to reach out to new goals beyond unconceivable horizons. I have maintained unparalleled commitment to my clients and my work ethics; which has taken me to miles ahead of my peers and has rewarded my efforts. My passion in this business drives my longevity. I love working with people and providing them with great service. I am always trying to think of additional ways to improvise and enhance my skills so as to offer the best to my clients. Aim is to satisfy every client with a wow factor and to achieve that, I am ready to go that extra mile.
A strong believer that relentless hard work, perseverance and a balanced mix of service and promotion should steer every individual to achieve his goal. Implementing all of this helps me stay devoted to my profession.
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