Rahul Awasthi

Rahul Awasthi


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Rahul Awasthi

Christie's International Real Estate | Premier Estates

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Rahul's greatest attribute is being able to truly understand the needs of his clients whether they are Owners, Investors, End Users or Prospective Tenants. Rahul possesses the unique ability to identify and qualify his clients by asking the relevant questions, evaluating their needs and then implementing the necessary market research and skills to find their exact requirements. He realises the importance of establishing a firm and solid reputation in the market both for himself and his company and prides himself on his professional qualities. He believes in the core values of honesty, respect, and integrity ensuring peace of mind for his clientele.
Rahul realises that this is more to being a Real Estate Consultant than just conducting a business transaction. His clients have entrusted his with a very personal and important task, which he will do his utmost to fulfill.
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