Sandeep Godhania

Sandeep Godhania

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Hi, I’m San and I’m an off-plan specialist here in Dubai since Jan 2020.
My property career started young and I began an adjacent career as a Property Developer in the UK from the age of 24. It’s my passion for property and my commercial understanding that’s led me to Dubai and I thoroughly enjoy the off-plan market and meeting new buyers and investors.
My aim is to leverage my 17 years of business acumen and 15 years of property developing in the UK to not only understand my clients, but to also provide a long-term bespoke working relationship where I thoroughly understand each of my client’s requirements. I will provide an unbiased approach with genuine guidance based on ethics and the long-term needs of my clients.
Outside work I like to cook, see sites, gym and spend time with friends and family.
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