Sharif Hamza Sayeed

Sharif Hamza Sayeed


اللغات:English, Hindi, Urdu

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Born & raised in India, Sharif holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the Modern Institute of Engineering & Management. He speaks English, Hindi, Urdu and Marathi. After achieving his marketing targets and fulfilling his goals in Banking firm in Dubai, he decided to enter the more challenging world of real estate. Committed, focused & excelled in his newfound profession with his extensive business expertise in Dubai Real Estate market that makes him wants everything to be done as soon as possible for client’s satisfaction. His professional, diligent & meticulous has enabled him to offer smart solutions tailored to his client’s specific needs and successfully match buyers and sellers to their ideal properties. With 2 years of real estate experience under his belt, Sharif continues to aim for optimal productivity with a committed attitude marked with trust, honesty, transparency & integrity. He considers Dubai as the best tourist attraction along with a great satisfaction of safety.
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