Stephanie Foley

Stephanie Foley



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Stephanie Foley

Christie's International Real Estate | Premier Estates

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Although new to the real estate business Stephanie has the drive and fortitude that have already proved to be considerably effective. She maintains an excellent personal and professional attitude, in addition, she is trustworthy, friendly, and well organised. These attributes help her to better serve the real estate community. She is always honest and hardworking and makes her clients satisfied with the end result, consequently saving her esteemed client’s time and money. This has been exhibited through transactions achieved in her specialist areas to date.

Stephanie's skills lie in her ability to communicate with people from all walks of life and her businesslike attitude shows in her approach to clients. Her main aim is to establish strong and trusting relationships with clients.
Stephanie focuses on residential sales and rentals. Her enthusiasm and professional approach have excelled in her real estate career which has led to a multitude of successful transactions to date.
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