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Yasmin Zekry


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As an expat for 10 years, I have accompanied my husband to many countries and have been exposed to different cultures. This is when I realized the importance of home no matter where you live, even if you are an expat you need a comfortable place related to you to call home. The house hunting process has always been a challenge, to find a realtor who can truly understand and feel the crucial aspects we, as expats, are looking for. I have a deep understanding to the needs of expats from different countries and enjoy helping them finding their future homes. This requires patience and charisma and on top of all to have been in their shoes numerous times before. I am able to truly feel and understand exactly what they are looking for and as a result can be very effective in being their trusted advisor to close a deal. Whether you are an Expat or not ,and interested to rent, sell or invest I can assist with enthusiasm and patience to effectively help close the deal that you want.
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