Yussel Strauss Mulet

Yussel Strauss Mulet

الجنسية:جمهورية الدومينيكان

اللغات:English, Spanish

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خبرة منذ:2020

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Yussel was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He studied and lived for 5 years in New York City, where his passion for real estate began, while obtaining his Bachelors in Finance and political sciences.
Moved to Dubai in 2019 with the aims of learning and developing as a professional in the real estate market. He now works for Better Homes, as part of the DIFC and City Walk team.
Being part of his daily life, Yussel appreciates all that these areas have to offers, including proximity to one of Dubai’s biggest financial center and landmarks. He is willing to go the extra mile for all his clients, making the best of their costumer experience for all parties involved.
Due to his origins, he is fluent in English and Spanish.
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