Activities to Do in Expo 2020

It is an agreed-upon fact now that Expo 2020 is the largest event in the world, at least in 2020. An event this huge must have tons of activities that can be done. Expo 2020 activities are in no way ordinary or usual. 

Expo 2020 is a marvel itself, so why would anyone expect any less from the activities there? We are here to highlight the most amazingly exciting activities that you can enjoy there. Read on and let us amaze you!

Expo 2020 Activities

1. Visit Al Wasl Plaza

Al Wasl Plaza dome is not just the heart of Expo 2020, but it is another architectural masterpiece in the UAE. It is also the iconic Expo 2020 logo and the place where many main events take place. 

The dome’s name “Al Wasl” (meaning the connection) is a representation of the Expo 2020 theme. 

The materials used for creating the dome were imported from European countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, while architects and designers are from Spain, Belgium, Germany, and Italy, a clear example of collaboration and connecting minds.

Expo 2020 Activities

2. Work on Your Fitness

Yes, you read that correctly. You can play all sorts of fun sports, and guess what? Some sports are virtual! There are special sports for people with disabilities, so activities for everyone!

3. Attend Live Performances

Get entertained through watching performances by your favorite stars! Either attend a concert, watch new talents and encourage them, or laugh your head off at comedians making smart, sarcastic jokes.

4. Try Cuisines from All Around the World

Almost every country presents its most famous dishes and treats in its pavilion, so get ready to enrich your taste buds with delicious food! 

That is not all! There are outlets that are just for the food! More than 200 of them!

Expo 2020 Activities

5. Experience Cultural Activities

If you are into cultural performances like dances, theater, fashion shows, poetry recitals, then you are in heaven. At Expo 2020, you will watch cultural performances and events from countries all over the globe. Let your mind open up more, and learn about cultures you are not familiar with. 

6. Give Your Brain a Workout

This is for those who have a passion and curiosity for knowledge and learning. Meet inventors, talk about academics, and discuss theories and existential questions that you may have. 

Give your brain a nudge and make it more active at Expo 2020.

7. Play Games That Are Good for Children

You will not worry about your children playing too many video games here. Why, you ask? Here is why; your child can build a real robot or a 3D human body. 

Let their curious little minds and their imagination go wild. After all, they are the future, aren’t they?

8. Celebrate Different Festivals Everyday

Every day at Expo, one or more countries will be presenting their culture by introducing a certain festival or celebration they have. You get to learn about other countries and their celebrations, plus enjoy a marvelous show!

9. Learn About Cheap Energy Resources

One of the main issues that the world is trying to find a solution to is energy. This concept has been a concern for years, but since Expo 2020 is the event that sets the ground for the future, many pavilions offer cheaper, and cleaner, energy resources.

Learn more about Expo 2020 Top Pavilions here.

10. Check out the Coolest Cars

Hey there, car enthusiasts! You are definitely not forgotten! If you want to check out the best, most prestigious car brands, you can at Expo! 

Baden-Württemberg, the place where some of the best car brands originate from, will have its very own pavilion to show their most recent technology and upgrades in the car industry.

11. Learn About Blockchain

Are you into the virtual world of business and data and all things technology? Lucky you! You can attend the blockchain exhibition (BlockExpo) that will take place at Expo 2020 from November 2 till November 6, 2020. 

You will learn all about it and explain it to others who have absolutely no idea what that word means. 

12. Witness the UAE’s First Emirati Opera Performance

You will not only get to be part of history by attending the largest event in the world taking place in an Arab country for the first time, but you will also be the first to attend Al Wasl Opera! 

The show will be in Arabic and in English so that everyone will be able to understand. 

13. Try the First Ropeless Elevator in the World

30 years ago if anyone had told you that you can speak to someone over a device without any wires, you would have probably called them crazy. Mobile phones seemed like sorcery when we first heard about them, let alone the internet. 

Now, behold the first ropeless elevator! This elevator, Malti is its name, can move not only vertically, but also horizontally within skyscrapers! You don’t feel so special now, Superman, do you?

14. Watch Indoor Rainfalls

A practical example of using renewable, clean energy where air produces water using solar power for irrigation and drinking water, this technology is showcased in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands pavilions. It is possible to use natural resources!

Indoor Rainfalls Netherlands Pavilion

Expo 2020 seems like a dream come true, and the best thing is that the “come true” part is almost here! Start your anxious, happy dance already, because it is happening soon!

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