Top Expo 2020 Pavilions

Expo 2020 is already breaking world records before even starting. For the first time in Expo history, 192 countries are participating in the greatest show ever. The more the merrier we say! 

Expo 2020 Mobility Pavilion

Here are our top picks for Expo 2020 pavilions:

Theme Pavilions

Discover the three main pavilions that represent the Expo’s sub-themes:

1. Sustainability 

Meet Terra, or the Sustainability pavilion at Expo 2020! As you encounter Terra (Planet Earth in Latin), you will experience an unforgettable journey towards a more sustainable future. Terra is designed by Grimshaw Architects, based in the UK.


  • Located in the Sustainability District
  • Real-life solutions to problems facing the world today
  • Learn how to fight climate change
  • Terra has 1,055 solar panels that generates enough alternative energy per year that could charge 900,000 mobiles
  • Greywater recycling system.

Terra will be open to the public starting Friday, the 22nd of January 2021 until Saturday, 10th of April 2021. It will be the first glimpse into what to expect from Expo 2020 before the official launch expected in October 2021.


Tickets are prices at AED 25 and can be booked online through the official Expo 2020 website through the Pavilions Premiere section.

It is advised to book in advance because the pavilion will operate in limited times and with restricted capacity as well as safety precautions in place.

2. Opportunity

You will try a series of gameplay opportunities that will help you think about solutions to very real problems that face our world, including food, water, climate, and energy.


  • Located in the Opportunity District
  • Retail outlets
  • Food and beverage services
  • Entertaining performances.

The Opportunity pavilion is expected to open in the Pavilions Premiere during the first quarter of 2021.

Expo 2020 Opportunity Pavilion

3. Mobility

Don’t you sometimes wonder how people, ideas, or data move? It can be quite a broad topic to think about, but it’s what the Mobility pavilion at Expo 2020 is all about. This unique experience will share with you the history of movement right up until  the wonder of Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as what the future holds. 

The Mobility pavilion is home to the largest elevated platform on the planet, where you can witness the House of Wisdom (19th century Baghdad) to 9-meter-high Mobility giants! The designs are by genius architects Foster + Partners.


  • Located in the Mobility District
  • Retail outlets
  • Food and beverage services
  • Live performances.

Country Pavilions

Each country will certainly do its best to grab the most attention. The Expo 2020 country pavilions are definitely the way to do that! You can check our favorite country pavilions right here:

1. UAE

The spotlight will naturally be on the UAE since it’s the host country. The UAE Expo 2020 pavilion design will take your breath away. From the mind of world-renowned architect Santiago Calatrava, the Expo 2020 structure is shaped like a majestic falcon in flight. Sustainable energy is produced when the wings are in motion.

Expo 2020 UAE Pavilion

The pavilion is built to celebrate the cultural heritage of the UAE. Designed over 4 storeys, visitors will witness details of the amazing Emirati heritage as well as their many achievements throughout the years. A glimpse into what the future holds for the UAE will also be on display.


  • Located in the Opportunity District
  • Overlooking Al Wasl Plaza
  • 15,000 square meters in size
  • Hospitality space on the top floor
  • Inspiring exhibitions.

2. Sweden

Sharing the unmatched natural beauty of the Scandinavian woodlands, this Expo 2020 national pavilion is designed in the shape of long wooden tree trunks. Three grand architects from Stockholm are behind the genius design: Alessandro Ripellino Arkitekter, Studio Adrien Gardère, and Luigi Pardo Architetti. 

Following the theme of co-creation for innovation, visitors will be able to stroll in the forest-like structure to discover how Sweden is building massive smart cities.


  • Located in the Sustainability District
  • Learn about co-creation from leaders in the digital industry
  • Experience the secrets of innovative cities
  • Find out what life in the forest is like
  • Have a swedish coffee break!
Expo 2020 Sweden Pavilion

3. Spain

Ever wonder about the Arabic heritage in Spain? Then don’t miss the Spanish pavilion in Expo 2020, which will explore the country’s cultural ties to the Arab world. You can experience various events and learn about Spain’s 800-year Islamic rule in quite a fantastic setting.

From the brilliant mind of world-renowned architect Amann-Canovas-Maruri, being inside the pavilion will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a town square in Spain.

The entire pavilion takes a conical shape, which is specifically made that way to increase air flow. There’s an exhibition center located in the basement of the pavilion that connects visitors to the open public spaces.


  • Located in the Sustainability District
  • Shops and restaurants in the “town square” design
  • Built entirely of reusable material.

4. The UK

So, aliens are spotted on Earth! What do you think humans will do? No need to ponder on it! The UK pavilion will explore that concept at Expo 2020 in Dubai. Building on a project called “Breakthrough Message” by the late scientist Stephen Hawking, who requires no introduction, the country will take you into a world beyond our planet.

Expo 2020 UK Pavilion

Taking that theme into the design, architects from Es Devlin Studio, Avantgarde, and Veretec have built a futuristic pavilion. Dubbed the “poem pavilion,” Artificial Intelligence is used to convey different messages to extraterrestrials on the exterior of the structure. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday!


  • Located in the Opportunity District
  • Visitors can add messages to the display.

5. Germany

Are you ready to enrol in “Campus Germany?” We sure are! The German pavilion in Expo 2020 is designed as a central state-of-the-art knowledge and research hub. The architects behind it are LAVA, facts and fiction. 

The best part is that each one visiting the pavilion will be assisted by “IAMU,” a robot assistant making its debut to the world at Expo 2020.


  • Located in the Sustainability District
  • Restaurant serving authentic German cuisine
  • Performance stage
  • Swinging seats
  • Energy Lab
  • Future City Lab
  • Biodiversity Lab.

6. Thailand

Index Creative Village wanted to connect the warmness and kindness of the people of Thailand to everyone visiting the Thai pavilion at Expo 2020. The stunning exterior of the structure will feature a beautiful array of woven artificial flowers. The display comprises over 500 flowers. 

Expo 2020 Thailand Pavilion

Inside all visitors can share their own flower engraving in the spacious garden and learn all about Thailand’s plans in digital innovation and technology.


  • Located in the Mobility District
  • Art installation called the “Miracle of Smiles.”

7. Italy

Acclaimed architects Carlo Ratti, Italo Rota, Matteo Gatto, and F&M Engineering are on a mission to show to the world that knowledge and creativity go hand-in-hand with beaty. Expo 2020’s Italian pavilion is intricately designed under 3 overturned ship hulls. 

Inside the building, you will experience everything from art and culture to education and innovation. You will feel like you’ve travelled to beautiful Italy as the interior has a “piazze” feel to it surrounded by endless green spaces.


  • Located in the Opportunity District
  • Learn how creativity can come from anywhere
  • Journey through history and the future of Italy
  • Panoramic sky view of Italy.
Expo 2020 Italy Pavilion

8. Republic of Korea

Building on the mobility theme, Mooyuki Architects opted for a mind-blowing external facade when it comes to the Korean pavilion at Expo 2020. Its external features constantly change throughout the day via rotating cubes. How cool is that?

The entire pavilion will be equipped with various mobility experiences, including a mobile-guided track. Discover Korea’s smart solutions right here.


  • Located in the Mobility District
  • Soft power and technology solutions
  • Real and virtual experiences
  • Interacting kinetic installations.

9. Australia

Did you know that Australian research in astronomy is among the top in the whole world? Come along at the Australian pavilion in Expo 2020 to get to know all about it. Astronomy in Australia is unmatched innovation for over 60,000 years!


  • Located in the Mobility District
  • Find out about the world’s first astronomers
  • Discover the beauty of the Australian land of white sandy beaches and green landscapes.

10. Netherlands

The Dutch pavilion at Expo 2020 is a powerhouse in the sustainability theme. As you enter the pavilion, you will have stepped into a seperate world featuring a farm where water, energy, and food are harvested on site! 

Expo 2020 Netherlands Pavilion

The farm stands vertically in the shape of a cone and has a controlled climate naturally. The structure, dubbed the “Biotype,” is designed with organic material that will be recycled following the event. V8 Architects are the visionary designers behind the pavilion.


  • Located in the Sustainability District
  • The aim is to help the Gulf with a more sustainable future.

11. Poland

The structure of the Polish pavilion at Expo 2020 is another mesmerising one that will leave you truly speechless. The building is designed in the form of a tree, with thousands of migrating bird figures. 

The design, by WXCA, emphasizes the large number of birds that migrate from Poland to the Arab countries. Inside, you will discover the international connections between Poland and the rest of the world, as well as their latest innovation in the production of goods.


  • Located in the Mobility District
  • Displays of the latest technology and Polish culture
  • Children’s zone.

12. Czech Republic

One of the best sustainability inventions, the Czech pavilion at Expo 2020 will explore how to transform a desert into a green oasis. The centerpiece will be transforming desert land into fertile land, by using water vapor extracted from the air. It uses only solar energy and local innovations from the Czech Republic.

Expo 2020 Czech Republic Pavilion

Formosa AA are the architects behind the intriguing design. Visitors will be able to learn about the country’s history of glassmaking too.


  • Located in the Sustainability District
  • Czech cuisine restaurant
  • Rotating exhibition
  • Meeting rooms.

13. China

The Chinese pavilion at Expo 2020 will be among the largest pavilion in Expo 2020. It will be building on a theme that represents hope and a bright future ahead. Visitors will experience a combination of modern technology and Chinese innovation with the traditional culture in China. 

Expo 2020 China Pavilion

The external Expo 2020 design of the pavilion itself honors Chinese culture and is beautifuly shaped like a Chinese lantern. From the creative minds of Construction Engineering Design Group, the display will turn into a magnificent light show during nighttime. This is something you probably want to see firsthand!


  • Located in the Opportunity District
  • 4,636 square meters area.
  • Digital light show
  • 5G technology
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Smart travel.

There’s one thing for sure, every country participating in Expo 2020 is looking to leave a lasting impression. So far, it looks like the competition is fierce!

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