Living in Al Bateen Abu Dhabi: All You Need To Know

People like to head to the UAE to experience tourism in the country. Al Bateen Abu Dhabi is a vital destination to discover and a great place to reside.

Al Bateen Abu Dhabi

Al Bateen Abu Dhabi

Al Bateen Abu Dhabi has a beach which is one of the factors that attracts visitors. It also enhances luxurious hotels and resorts and provides all the needed services, from healthcare to schools and shopping facilities. A person can also find a suitable property in the communities, like apartments, townhouses and villas. 


Al Bateen is located in Abu Dhabi and overlooks the Persian Gulf. It borders Corniche Beach and Al Ras Al Akhdar. 

Al Bateen Abu Dhabi


Khaleej Al Arabi Street is an up-scale residential area with landscaped gardens and various properties for rent and sale. Another community is Al Bateen community park, a high-end residential area with villas and townhouses with amenities like swimming pools and gardens.

Nearby Communities

There are nearby communities with luxurious properties, for example: 

  • Al Mushrif: 8 minutes away 
  • Al Khalidiyah: 4 minutes away 
  • Al Manhal: 4 minutes away 

Nearby Attractions

Al Bateen Abu Dhabi with yachts

Al Bateen is surrounded by many nearby attractions, including the following: 

  • Khalidiyah Mall: 6 minutes away 
  • Corniche Beach: 7 minutes away 
  • Qasr AlHosn: 10 minutes away 
  • Abu Dhabi City Golf Club: 9 minutes 


The area is distinct from providing parking spaces around active centres, i.g. Healthcare centres, stores, schools and nurseries. 

As for public transportation, the area does not include bus stops. However, residents can use taxis or a car lift from an online app, such as Uber and other apps. 

Educational Institutions

Residents get to have the needed educational institutions from schools and nurseries. Another factor for Al Bateen’s convenient location is having many universities nearby, but first, let’s start with schools. 

Al Bateen Schools 

Al Bateen has schools with English and American curriculum. Al Al Bateen Academy is a very popular school with a British curriculum, and Aldar Academies developed it. Here are other schools in the area: 

  • Al Bateen School
  • Al Bateen Scientific Private School
  • Al Bateen Secondary School Abu Dhabi
  • Al Bateen Centre for Holy Quran Memorisation


The best nurseries in the UAE have branches in the Al Bateen area. 

Nursery Contact Information Curriculum 
British Orchard Nursery Al Bateen Abu Dhabi+971 2 622 2903British 
Redwood Montessori Nursery+971 800 7339663Montessori
Discovery Nursery+971 12 665 3331 British 

Nearby Universities 

If we want to mention another virtue of the area is having nearby universities, they are reachable within less than 30 minutes, such as:

  • Emirates College of Technology (ECT): 13 minutes away
  • Lincoln University of Business and Management: 12 minutes away 
  • Khalifa University: 12 minutes away 
  • Abu Dhabi University: 23 minutes away 

Healthcare Establishments

Al Bateen towers

Al Bateen Hospital Abu Dhabi is an essential medical facility in the area. Also, Al Bateen Family Health Clinic is indispensable among other clinics, including: 

  • Cure Clinic Al Bateen
  • Mediclinic Al Bateen Abu Dhabi
  • Al Bateen Healthcare Center
  • Seha Al Bateen clinic
  • Health Plus Al Bateen
  • Samaya Specialized Center Al Bateen


There are a good number of pharmacies in the area which make them easy to find. Here’s a list of a few of those pharmacies: 

  • Healthplus Pharmacy Al Bateen
  • Al Bateen Pharmacy
  • Al Manara Pharmacy 
  • Al Wadi Pharmacy
  • Al Hanan Pharmacy

Services and Facilities 

The area covers all the services and facilities that residents need; there are malls, global hotel chains, restaurants, cafes, and fitness centres. 


Al Bateen Mall

Al Bateen Mall is the leading destination for shopping and entertainment. The area fosters other shopping centres like Nation Towers Mall. 


It’s vital to have supermarkets around residential areas, as a supermarket provides any house essentials. The following are some of the supermarkets that a resident can find: 

  • Zoom
  • Iris Market
  • Viva supermarket
  • Falcons Supermarket


Hotels in Al Bateen are luxurious, and they offer all types of amenities like swimming pools, gyms, fully equipped rooms, and wellness centres. 

Hotel Contact Information 
Oryx Hotel +971 2 681 0001
Royal M Hotel & Resort Abu Dhabi +971 2 777 1000 
Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort +971 2 681 1900 
The St. Regis Abu Dhabi  +971 2 694 4444
Bab AlQasr Hotel  +971 2 205 3000
Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel  +971 2 510 1234


Fitness Time Gym and Body Time (Ladies Only) are 2 of the popular gyms in Al Bateen. They have professional instructors and pay high attention to hygiene and first aid. 

Al Bateen Executive Airport

Al Bateen Airport is located in Al Muntazah, and it was developed to serve business aviation and is the first of its kind. It provides private jets in the middle east and MENA regions (north Africa). 

Al Bateen Airport Map starts from the heart of Abu Dhabi; the airport has a compatible location because it’s 5 minutes far from the Exhibition Centre in Abu Dhabi and 50 minutes from Dubai City. 

Things to Do

When thinking about the fun things to do in the area, many options will come to mind. Take a brief look at restaurants, cafes, and entertainment places. 

Al Bateen Restaurants Abu Dhabi

Restaurants in bateen

Al Bateen has restaurants with tastes from every culture. This means that expats can enjoy delicious dish that tastes like home, and residents can try new food types. Here is a short list of a few of the restaurants: 

  • Tashas Al Bateen
  • Switch
  • Ozo Restaurant
  • Alba Terrace 
  • Laung By Peppermill


You will find in Al Bateen the most unique cafes with fancy decorations and beautiful views. And you can go for a sip of coffee or to enjoy any other beverage and eat something. These are examples of the cafes in the area: 

  • Art House Cafe
  • THAT Cafe
  • No. Fifty-Seven Boutique Café
  • Joud Coffee
  • 668 Café
  • eggcellent cafe

Al Bateen Beach

What’s better than walking on the sand and gazing at the pure turquoise water? 

Families and tourists like to start the weekends in places that combine nature with luxurious facilities. In Al Bateen Beach, it’s easy to have these combinations of beach activities and high-class resorts. The beach is located in Khalifa Al Mubarak Street. 

Another perk of the beach is the availability of activities for all ages at the beach sports centre. Here are some of the fun activities: 

  • Kayaking 
  • Jet-skiing
  • Volleyball 
  • Paddleboarding

Al Bateen Ladies Beach

There’s part of the beach with privacy for women only. Females get to enjoy the private beach with all the activities. As for security and secrecy, camping and using cameras are prohibited, and the maximum age for boys to enter is 6 years old. 

Al Bateen Palace

Al Bateen Palace is on Al Nahyan Street. It is a prestigious place not only in the area but in the UAE in general due to the political events. 

Marsa Al Bateen Marina

Marsa Al Bateen Marina is on Arabian Gulf Street. The marina overlooks outstanding waterfront views, and it holds high-end hotel apartments with amenities. It also has many activity options, for example, riding boats and yachts. 


What you need sometimes is to go for a walk in the park and enjoy nature’s atmosphere. Luckily,  the area has a central park called Al Bateen Park, it’s located at 1 Al Mamlahah St. Residential areas surround the park, and they include luxurious villas and townhouses with beautiful views.


building in Al Bateen

Individuals and families can find suitable properties for rent in Al Bateen. Students for instance can find a 1 bedroom apartment or a studio. That also applies to expects that come to work with limited contact. 

As for families, they can find bigger apartments from 2 – 5 rooms or a villa with full amenities, but unfortunately, purchasing a property in the area is not valid for non-Emiratis. 

Rental Apartments

  • 1-bedroom apartment: AED 70,000
  • 2-bedroom apartment: AED 105,000
  • 3-bedroom apartment: AED 184,999
  • 4-bedroom apartment: AED 143,500

Rental Villas

  • 3-bedroom villa: AED 130,000
  • 4-bedroom villa: AED 150,000
  • 5-bedroom villa: AED 200,999
  • 6-bedroom villa: AED 250,000

Sale Apartments and Villas 

Al Bateen is one of the areas in the UAE that does not grant property ownership for foreigners, a person must be a UAE national in order to buy a property in the area. A sale villa price of 4 rooms is estimated between AED 5,000,000 – 6,500,000, and a 6-bedroom villa is approximately AED 12,000,000  for UAE citizens. 

This is a wrap to your guide to living in Al Bateen in every aspect. If you’re interested in discovering more about Abu Dhabi, you will enjoy reading about the Best Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi for Free. As well as the Best Malls in Abu Dhabi. Feel free to check more topics about the UAE and general topics on the Property Finder blog. 

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