Al Garhoud: One of the Most Lively Areas in Dubai

Al Garhoud complex is a residential and commercial area where people can have a comfortable life and find everything they need just a few minutes away. This is why it is one of the best areas for people to live, and it is perfect especially for pilots since it is extremely close to Dubai International Airport.

Want to learn more about this pretty neat area? We are here for that reason. Read on and you will learn all you need to know about Al Garhoud.

Dubai Garhoud


It is located in Old Dubai, close to Dubai International Airport.

Nearby Attractions

Garhoud is close to many of the most popular attractions in Dubai. Here are the most remarkable attractions nearby:

  • Dubai International Airport (5 minutes away)
  • Deira City Center (10 minutes away)
  • Dubai Festival City (10 minutes away)
  • Bur Dubai (18 minutes away)
  • Dubai Creek (18 minutes away)
  • Downtown Dubai (18 minutes away)
  • Jumeirah Beach (20 minutes away).

Nearby Hotels

  • Grand Hyatt Al Garhoud

This is one of the most well-known hotels in Dubai and the world. 

Prices for a single room start from AED 810

  • Le Meridien Dubai

It is one of the most famous international 5-star hotel chains in the world.

Prices for a single room start from AED 686

  • Flora Inn Hotel Al Garhoud

It is a beautiful, cozy hotel that is decorated in simple, relaxing colors. 

Prices for a single room start from AED 270

  • Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

At Jumeirah Creekside Hotel you will feel like royalty. It is one of the best hotels in Dubai where you can relax and enjoy a vacation or work comfortably.

Prices for a single room start from AED 755

Al Garhoud

Hotels in Garhoud

  • Roda Al Bustan Hotel Garhoud

This is an elegant and cozy hotel where you can get great service while you feel like you are home. 

Prices for a single room start from AED 384

  • Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai

If you just got out of the airport and you need to cool off and relax after a long journey? You have come to the right place!

Prices for a single room start from AED 369

  • J5 Hotels Port Saeed

This hotel offers spacious rooms that are more like small apartments, with the facilities you need to help yourself, plus great service from their professional staff. 

Prices for a single room start from AED 204

  • Le Meridien Fairway Al Garhoud Road

This hotel gives you the relaxation and comfort you need to unwind and relax while being in the middle of the city of Dubai. 

Prices for a single room start from AED 254

  • Ibis Styles Al Garhoud

This is a great place to chill and relax and not worry about paying too much money.

Prices for a single room start from AED 289

Garhoud Area


Garhoud has a number of facilities that make it an amazing place to live in. Here are the facilities it offers:

  • Supermarkets
  • Churches
  • Temples: for Hindus and Sikh
  • Mosques
  • Al Garhoud parks
  • Gyms and health clubs
  • Emirates Aviation College Garhoud
  • Al Fattan Plaza Garhoud: A commercial office building that is considered a breakthrough in architecture.

Schools in Garhoud

  • The Kindergarten Starters (KGS Garhoud)
  • Grammar School
  • Dubai International School
  • Cambridge International School
  • The Indian High School
  • Yellow Brick Road Nursery.

Restaurants in Garhoud

  • Al Hallab Restaurant Garhoud

This restaurant serves delicious Lebanese food. Its prices are within the average prices; AED 184 for two people is not too pricey.

  • Mustard Le Meridien Restaurant Al Garhoud

You can enjoy a variety of cuisines there like Asian, Indian, and International cuisines. Meal prices are average, about AED 145 for two people including drinks.

  • Pak Darbar Restaurant Garhoud

This is a nice Pakistani restaurant where you can enjoy a meal at a very reasonable price, about AED 60 for two people.

  • Rawabina Garhoud

This restaurant serves Middle Eastern cuisine. Prices are around AED 195 for two.

  • India Palace Restaurant Garhoud

They serve a variety of Indian food. Two people can have a meal at AED 100 for both.

  • Karachi Darbar Al Garhoud

They serve Asian food, mainly Pakistani, Indian, and Chinese. Two people can have their meals at AED 80 for both of them together. 

Dubai Garhoud
  • Al Mahara Restaurant Garhoud

Al Mahara serves Indian food, and two people can have a good meal at AED 40 for both.

  • Al Mawal Restaurant Al Bustan Rotana

It is a Lebanese restaurant in Al Bustan Rotana Hotel where you can enjoy delicious meals while enjoying Arabian night shows. Dancers and singers entertain you while you eat.

  • Debonairs Garhoud

If you are craving some delicious pizza, you have come to the right place. This is a pretty cool pizza place where you and a friend can pay AED 100 for your meals.

  • Chili’s al Garhoud

Chilli’s needs no introduction really. The popular international restaurant is available at Garhoud, where two people can pay about AED 260 for their meals.

  • Al Bait Al Shami Restaurant, Garhoud

Another amazing option if you are into Arabian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Al Bait Al Shami is an excellent choice. Two meals can cost about AED 225.

  • Island Restaurant Al Garhoud

They serve Indian and Chinese food, and you can enjoy a meal with a friend or a loved one where both of you will pay about AED 75.

  • Al Hajis Restaurant, Garhoud

This serves fast food, Indian, and Chinese food. You and a friend can enjoy two meals for AED 40.

  • Caribou Coffee, Garhoud

Enjoy refreshments with a friend or a loved one at Caribou Coffee and you do not need to pay a lot of money! You and your friend can pay an average of AED 40 and enjoy yourselves.

Al Garhoud

Property Types and Prices

The properties available in Al Garhoud are for rent. It is one of the best places to live where you have access to public transportation.

Here are some of the residential areas in Garhoud and the property types and prices available.

Learn more about properties for rent in Al Garhoud on Property Finder.

Dana Al Garhoud

Properties available there are apartments. Rental prices are about AED 68,000 a year.

Al Muhairbi Building

Properties available there are apartments. Rental prices are about AED 60,000 a year.

Garhoud Views

Properties available in Garhoud Views are apartments and villas. 

  • Apartment rent prices start from about AED 85,000 a year.
  • Villa rent prices are for about AED 290,000 a year.

Airport Road

Properties available there are apartments and villas.

  • Apartment rental prices start from AED 74,000 a year.
  • Villa rental prices start from AED 105,000 a year.

Al Garhoud Villas

Villas prices start from AED 120,000 a year.

Golf Course View

Properties available there are villas. Villa rental prices start from AED 290,000 a year.

Manazel Garhoud

This is a big eight-story building that is only minutes away from Al Garhoud center and the airport. It is both residential and commercial. 

  • Apartment rental prices there start from AED 115,000 a year.

Finally, Al Garhoud is a great area to live in Dubai where you do not need to worry about where to find whatever you need or worry about transportation.

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