A Complete Guide to Living in Mirdif

If you are looking for a family-friendly community that is also calm and safe in Dubai, then Mirdif community is your answer. This area is lively, easily accessible by transportation, and surrounded by several main roads leading directly to Dubai.

If you are interested in living in Mirdif, check out this perfectly detailed guide to know everything about this awesome community. 

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Living in Mirdif Overview  

Neighborhoods in Mirdif are known for being peaceful and uncrowded. It’s a great residential area to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle yet find endless services and amenities 

Whether you’re relocating inside the city or newly moving to Dubai. Mirdif is a community that is worth considering. This full guide will help you make your decision easier,  


It’s located on Al Khawannej street, Dubai. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed road lines its western side, which gives you quick access to many of the city’s areas. 

Nearby Communities

Here are some of the best communities that you can find close to Mirdif:

  • Al Mizhar: 10 minutes away 
  • Dubai Festival City: 10 minutes away 
  • Al Warqa: 10 minutes away 
  • Al Rashidiya: 10 minutes away 

Nearby Attractions

Living here doesn’t mean you can enjoy the other attractions of the city as there are different ones near this district. Check the below list to know more about how far they are. 

  • Mushrif Park: 5 minutes away 
  • Dubai Dolphinarium: 15 minutes away
  • Dubai Frame: 15 minutes away
  • Creekside Park: 15 minutes away
  • Dubai Museum: 20 minutes away


When living in Mirdif, you can surely commute with or without a car. However, the district does not include a Metro station so that you can reach the bus station easily. 


The buses go through Uptown Mirdif, Streets 1, 2, and 15, and reach the different areas of the community.

  • Imam Abu Hanifa Masjid 2 bus stop, 
  • Etisalat Metro Bus Stop


Another convenient means of transportation is taking a cab or using one of the online taxi services, such as Uber. Moreover, car owners won’t find it difficult to wander in the area’s quiet streets, as it doesn’t have a lot of traffic. 

Services and Facilities 

Living in Mirdif Dubai is a great choice for both locals and expats. In addition, there are several services available in the area which cater to residents every need. 


You can easily buy groceries and household essentials from distributed supermarkets. Here are the popular supermarkets in this area: 

  • Danat Mirdif Grocery
  • Aswaaq Supermarket
  • New West Zone Supermarket
  • LIFCO SuperMarket
  • Najmat Mirdif Supermarket

Educational Institutions  

Naturally, there are many factors that play a role in choosing where to live. Such factors would include transportation means, clinics, and shopping services. 

But when it comes to families, one of those important factors is the area’s educational institutions and school systems. 

Fortunately, the community has a wide variety of excellent educational institutions. Besides, even if a certain school is not in the area, transportation from and to Mirdif Dubai is easily available. 


Schools and Nurseries in Mirdif

Choosing a good schooling system for children is a priority for all parents. Having your children in a good school ensures aiding them in building a good future for themselves. 

That is why, when it comes to school systems, Mirdif Dubai comes at the top. The schools here are divided into two categories: British schools and American schools. 

In addition, those schools offer an Arabic curriculum, but it is not mandatory for non-Arabic speakers. 

In the table below, you will find a selection of some of the best schools at Mirdif Dubai: 

SchoolAnnual Fees  Curriculum
Star International School  AED 35,000 British School  
GEMS Royal Dubai School AED 47,000 British School  
Mirdif American School AED 29,000 American School  


Find below some top picks for the nurseries in Mirdif

Annual Fees  Curriculum
Future International NurseryAED 26,000International Early Years 
Super Kids NurseryAED 22,000 – AED 29,000British EYFS
Emirates British NurseryAED 7,600 – AED 13,910British

Educational Centers  

In addition to great schooling systems, living here allows you to explore various other educational facilities and trade schools. 

This is especially for those interested in different fields such as foreign languages, design, music, programming, and more. Here are some of the top options for trade schools inside this gem:  

  • The Music Institute 
  • Al Sahaba Center for Quran Memorization 
  • Tandem Supplementary Class Institute 


There are two universities that are near to this community.

  • University of Modern Sciences: 15 minutes away
  • University of Sharjah: 25 minutes away. 

Hospitals and Clinics

Healthcare centers are essential to be found in any area. They must be close to the neighborhoods and the communities in case of an emergency. It also includes several healthcare establishments to find all that you need regarding your well-being.


HMS Mirdif Hospital: it’s open 24/7 with professional doctors. 


  • Mediclinic Mirdif 
  • Medcare Medical Centre 
  • Sultan Al Olama Medical Center 
  • Kaya Skin Clinic 


  • Aster Pharmacy 
  • Super Care Pharmacy 
  • Bin Sina Pharmacy 


As a resident here you can easily find various gyms with specialized instructors. Each gym provides different workout routines to meet all your needs and demands

You can try CrossFit, boxing, yoga, Pilates, swimming, mountain climbing training, and more. Here is the list of the best gyms in Mirdif

  • Body Time EMS & CryoTherapy 
  • Fight and Fit 
  • Rise Fitness Boutique  
  • Techno Fitness Gym  
  • Morning Glory Health Club and Med Spa  
  • Gymnation Mirdif 
  • Sky Trail / Climbing Wall 


If you are going simply for a visit in Mirdif City, or you have family coming over, then surely you need a hotel. Here are some of the best hotels in the area: 

  • Holiday Inn
  • Crowne Plaza
  • InterContinental 
  • Ibis 


Mirdif provides extravagant experiences through its outstanding malls. They include luxurious and international brand names for clothes, bags, perfumes, accessories, and more. 

Moreover, those malls provide several entertainment corners for all family members including restaurants, cafes, and play areas for kids.

Here is a list of the malls in the area: 

  • Mirdif Mall 
  • City Center Mirdif  
  • Park Centre Mirdif 
  • Mirdif Avenue Mall


Along with the diversity of residences in the community, you will be able to find various restaurants with different cuisines from all over the world. 

They have special interior designs that reflect the restaurant’s culture and represent the type of food they have to offer.  

Here is a list of the popular restaurants in Mirdif based on their cuisines: 

Indian Restaurants  

Indian food is very popular, as it is many people’s favorite. Here are some of the hot Indian restaurants: 

  • Zafran Indian Bistro 
  • Bab Mirdif Restaurant 
  • Nawab Authentic Indian Restaurant 
  • Bombay Chowpatty 

Asian Restaurants 

Asian cuisines include a fusion of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai foods. These are some Asian restaurants: 

  • Vietnamese Foodies Dubai Hills Mall 
  • P.F. Chang’s 
  • Chin Chin Mirdif 
  • WangWok Restaurant 
  • Panda Chinese Restaurant 
  • Chinese Palace Restaurant 

Middle Eastern Restaurants 

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine. You will find many options such as Levantine, Egyptian, or Khaleeji restaurants in this notable community. 

Check out some of these special middle eastern restaurants in the area: 

  • Siraj Restaurant 
  • Khatoon Restaurant 
  • Leila 
  • Manaesho Mirdif 
  • Falafel Alkofia 


There are plenty of cafes to be found here. Each one has its own unique vibe and a special delectable selection of foods, desserts, and beverages

  • Café Bateel 
  • L’ETO 
  • Circle Café 
  • The Burrow 
  • Kana Café 
  • La Brioche 

Beauty Centers and Spas 

Most of the communities in Mirdif have beauty salons and spas. You can pamper yourself with luxurious services from top professionals. Moreover, they are for both men and women.  

For Women

  • Glamour Beauty & Nail Spa 
  • Zensuals Beauty & Nail Lounge 
  • Sisters Beauty Lounge 
  • Coya Spa 
  • Hmc 
  • Pink Blush Ladies Nail & Beauty Salon 

For Men

  • X Hair Lounge 
  • 1847 
  • Hair Fusion

Entertainment and Attractions

There is no shortage when it comes to leisure in Mirdif. Whether you want to hang out with friends, spend a day with family, or have some self-time, you can relish all of this in this community. 

There are many attractions and things to do in Mirdif where you can have endless fun on your own and with family or best friends. Find below a list including the best and must-visit venues in Mirdif:

1. City Centre Mirdif

It’s one of the top attractions in the community and the ultimate shopping destination. You will find many brands for everything you need including clothes, accessories, shoes, and even home furnishings. 


City Centre Mirdif is located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road, Mirdif, Dubai

2. Sports Society

This unique attraction has the theme of a sports arena; you can head there to shop from the top brands for sportswear, dine at the top restaurants there, or have fun at its leisure facilities. 


It’s located off 6 Street, Mirdif, Dubai

3. ifly Dubai

iFly Dubai isn’t a famous destination in Mirdif, only in Dubai. This remarkable place allows you to try bungee jumping and skydiving experiences with complete safety. 

You will enjoy flying with no worries. It’s suitable for all ages so you can go there with family or friends. 


It’s located in City Centre Mirdif, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road, Mirdif, Dubai

4. Mirdif park 

It includes playgrounds for kids and safe areas for them to ride their bikes. In addition, there are plenty of safe and well-kept sidewalks to use for jogging, running, and walking your pets. 

Finally, this park provides lovely scenery for a good picnic. 


It’s located off 15th street, Mirdif, Dubai.

5. Uptown Mirdif Park 

This is the most popular park in the area; families gather to bond with nature and get plenty of fresh air. You can plan a full fun day with your kids, starting with a good walk and grabbing a yummy snack while sitting on the green grass.


It’s located on 15th street, Uptown Mirdif, Mirdif, Dubai.

Properties in Mirdif

There is a variety of choices when it comes to properties in Mirdif including studios, apartments, and villas. The good news is whatever type of unit you are looking for, you will find it in this notable community either for rent or sale.

Besides, it all depends on your demands. Many expats go for the renting option as it’s more practical. However, if you are seeking a permanent stay, you can then go for buying. 

residential area

Top Residential Communities in Mirdif  


The rental and sale prices in Mirdif vary based on the number of bedrooms, different facilities, and the sub-community. You will find apartments and villas for sale and rent in this areato freely choose what suits you.

Moreover, if you want to own a home or invest, you still have different residential options for sale inside the community. Below, you will find a detailed overview of approximate property prices in the area: 

Property Type  1-Bedroom (89 sqm)
2-Bedrooms (201 sqm)3-Bedrooms (162 sqm)
Apartment  AED 38,000 – AED 87,000  AED 50,000 – AED 115,000 AED 105,000 – AED 149,999 
Villa  AED 55,000 – AED 100,000  AED 75,000 – AED 150,000 

You can have a look at the different properties for rent in Mirdif on Property Finder to choose the optimum one. 

Property Type  1-Bedroom (89 sqm)
2-Bedrooms (201 sqm)3-Bedrooms (162 sqm)
Apartment  AED 385,000 – AED 1,483,603 AED 850,000 – AED 2,336,145  AED 1,400,000 – AED 3,344,000  
Villa  AED 2,699,990 – AED 3,579,000 AED 2,270,000 – AED 10,500,000

For buying, you still can find endless properties for sale in Mirdif on the website too.

Living in Mirdif is a decision you won’t regret; after knowing everything about this notable community, you now step closer to your new home. 

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