Al Gurm Corniche Park: A Mangrove Sight to Behold

There’s one thing all Abu Dhabi residents find truly appealing and one of the main reasons why they chose it as their home. That’s the abundance of nature scenery and waterfront views. 

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Whether you’re a longtime resident of the island-city or looking to visit, we’ve got great news for you. Al Gurm Corniche Park just opened its doors to everyone and it will take your breath away. Check this out:


Al Gurm Corniche stretches 3.5 km on Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan St. at the Eastern Mangroves about 10 minutes away from Downtown Abu Dhabi. 


Al Gurm Corniche offers free entry to all visitors. 

Facilities and Services 

Here’s a look at all that’s waiting for you at the newly renovated area at Al Gurm Corniche in Abu Dhabi: 

  • Mangrove views
  • Beautiful walkways 
  • Cycling tracks
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Water-themed edutainment facilities
  • Kids play area
  • Seating areas
  • Swings
  • Viewing platforms
  • Fitness stations
  • Refreshment areas
  • Cafes
  • Dolphin Park nearby
  • Kayaking.
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Things to Do at Al Gurm Corniche Park

A destination like this one shouldn’t be missed so make a day out of it and head over there. We’ve gathered all the great things you can do at Al Gurm Corniche Park:

  • Capture some instagrammable shots of Mangroves

Some of the best views of Mangrove trees, which Abu Dhabi is quite famous for, can be found right here. You’ll find an endless stretch of greenery beyond the waters worthy of your instagram account!

There are several viewing platforms in the park to grab the perfect shot. 

al gurm corniche park
  • Embark on a peaceful walk with your loved ones

There are many special walkways along the park to enjoy. You can simply choose to have a serene and quiet day with a walk, taking it all in. 

  • Grab your bike and enjoy a unique ride 

Do you prefer a bike ride than a walk? Well, that’s no issue at Al Gurm Corniche. You can enjoy an early morning ride in its bike lanes or, better yet, in the later afternoon when the sun is setting. 

  • Spot local wildlife 

You will find many static binoculars installed at the park so you can check out all the amazing wildlife living there. 

mangrove tree abu dhabi
  • Learn about the fascinating ecosystem of the park with the kids

One interesting feature in the park is edutainment! Yes, you will find several water-featured stations specifically designed to educate you and the little ones about the ecosystem of the park. 

  • Let the kids play around while you have a quick drink or meal

There’s a play area available within the park, along with a few eateries to grab a quick bite. 

  • Try a new workout routine

Break your fitness routine by taking your workout to Al Gurm Corniche. You will find various workout stations along the park to get started. 

  • Go kayaking with your friends

As if the park it’s great already, there’s also a few water platforms allowing you to go ahead and kayak your way in the water. 

kayaking abu dhabi

Opening Hours

Al Gurm Corniche Park is open 24/7.

Sometimes all you need is a change and this awesome park gives you just that. After two full years of renovations in the area, it is finally ready! 

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