Area Watch: There’s more to Sharjah than meets the eye

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Welcome to Sharjah, a modern waterfront city preserving the soul of the ancient Emirati sailors. Dubai’s shy neighbor has many things to offer to both visitors and residents. The third largest emirate covering an area of 2,600 square kilometers, the emirate of Sharjah straddles the peninsula, overlooking the Arabian Gulf, to the west, and the Gulf of Oman, to the east. This gives it the unique advantage of being geographically diverse, attracting not only local but also international interests.

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Where To Rent or Buy

Sharjah’s real estate sector has witnessed progressive growth over a period of years, with the last two to three years seeing a particularly high degree of take-off.

Al Nahda & Al Khan


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  • Close to Dubai
  • Cheap rent compared to neighbouring Dubai
  • Perfect for commuters who use the E11 and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Rd

View apartments for rent in Al Khan and Al Nahda starting from 24,000AED

Tawoon & Majaz


image of Sharjah sunset


  • Properties on the higher end with great views
  • Comfortable living in the heart of Sharjah
  • Easy access to different parts of the city

View apartments for rent in Majaz and Tawoon starting from 28,000AED

Where To Eat

Just like Old Dubai, Sharjah enjoys the authentic vibe of the food experience by having preserved restaurants that have been in business for decades. Every little restaurant and coffee shop in the city has its own story and memory, not to mention loyal customers.

image of Sharjah food


What To Explore


Crowned as the cultural capital of the UAE, and one of the most culturally rich cities in the Arab region, Sharjah was named UNESCO cultural site in 1998 and the area’s reputation as a centre of artistic excellence.

image of Sharjah bookshop 

This small city is home to dozens of museums and knowledge centres. To name a few:

The Sharjah Hisn (fort), the Sharjah Archaeology Museum, the Sharjah Maritime Museum, the Sharjah Heritage Museum, the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, the Sharjah Art Museum & Contemporary Arab Art Museum, the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, the Sharjah Natural History & Botanical Museum, the Sharjah Science Museum, and the Sharjah Old Cars Club and Museum.

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View all properties for rent in Sharjah starting from 15,000AED

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