Best ways to transform your maid’s room

Do you have an unoccupied maid’s room? Great. Because there are many uses to put an unused maid’s room to, we give you our best 4:

  • Storage room

Install a couple of shelves, buy a couple of storage boxes and you could turn your maid’s room into a neat storage area!


  • Laundry room

Save your bathroom space by install a water pipe and hanging a couple of laundry hooks in your maid’s room to turn it into a laundry room.


  • Guest washroom

Follow the above tip by installing a water pipe. This time add a sink and you will have a brand new guest washroom.


  • Personal workspace 

What’s a better use for a guest room than a personal creative space to work at. Invest in a good desk and chair and enjoy your personal time away from the home’s chaos.


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