How to create a top listing

Want to have your listing ranked highest amongst others? Give yourself the best chance with these actionable tips and propertyfinder tools to avoid being the weakest link.


What’s this all about?

High-quality listings have higher positions in every section, they demonstrate increased visibility and page views, receive more enquiries and clients, and as a result, will generate more deals and ultimately transactions.


How are listings ranked on  



Listings are ranked first by product and then by quality. They’re arranged over three different sections of Premium, where listings lead the pack, Featured, where they sit tight right behind, and the regular, taking a backseat by ringing in third. In principle, the aim is to have your listing edge ahead at the beginning of those sections to guarantee optimum selling or letting power.


Quality Score chart – The propertyfinder tool for a top-notch listing

Find out the strength of your listing by using the Quality Score chart. It provides a user-friendly guideline on where the going’s good and how you could improve your listing. Your goal is to have all sections light up in green for the go ahead.



Login to your Manager back tool and go to the Properties tab. There you can use the Quality Score chart that’s categorised into three traffic light colours.

Green: You have fulfilled the criteria and are able to reach your selling goals.

Amber: You’re listing may be losing steam and you should implement some changes for more visibility.

Red: You’re lacking in providing critical information and are losing out on a potential money maker.


Verified Listings – The propertyfinder grand status


Verifying your listing is the surest way of reaching dominant visibility and acquiring more credibility to potential clients. This can be simply done by ensuring you provide important documents such as Form A, which you’ll have signed by the owner, a copy of the owner’s passport, along with the signature page or their Emirates ID and a title deed. You’ll need to re-submit these documents after 30 days for rentals and 45 days for sales or the listing will be automatically unverified. Remember, verifying your listings is a guaranty of authenticity and places your listing as a leading contender.


4 keys to open the door to a deal

Photos: No matter what section your property falls under, one of your ruling selling points is visually pleasing and clear images. That means if the photo doesn’t look so rosy going forward you need to upload high-resolution images of each room from different angles and make a pitch out of the listing’s highlights. If there’s a great lake view, flaunt the length and width of the lake with a sunny balcony shot. Always watermark your images so you don’t risk having another agent duplicate your listing on a different portal. In myCRM, propertyfinder’s own CRM system, you can easily watermark all images at once – find out more about myCRM or request a free demo here.

Title: Keep it short and catchy. You want to go straight to the point of how unique the property is to improve your chances of agreeing on a deal. You’re allowed a maximum of 40 characters so take note of how good tweeters broadcast news and you’ll get the hang of what to include and what to leave to the full description.


Description: Be clear and concise to reinforce the offer of this hot property that’s hit the market. Let them pounce on the property by using factual bullet points to highlight the most important aspects, factoring in sizes of rooms, locality, amenities, views and the atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Don’t get carried away before the offer is drawn as you have a limit of 1,000 characters.

Location: Select all four sections of the location to safeguard your advert continually appears, no matter how the search is filtered. Dubai and Jumeirah Village Circle doesn’t quite cut it, find out the exact location and lock it in your listing. You’ll instantly boost the appeal of the listing as it will pop up on many house hunters’ searches.


You’re ready to unleash the property that’s about to be snapped up!

A final takeaway: Agents are the gatekeepers to first-hand information on properties and your listing should communicate this.


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