Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan: The Future Is Here

It’s time to take a look at the future of Dubai, a city that has proven time and again that it’s aiming to be the best—and succeeding! 

Recently, the vision for Dubai 2040 was announced and it’s beyond every imagination possible. 

dubai 2040

Here’s a breakdown of the bold plan which will completely transform everything about Dubai.

What Is the Dubai Urban Master Plan 2040?

It is a comprehensive look into what Dubai will look like in the near future, specifically in the year 2040. The plan aims to satisfy sustainability in urban development all over the emirate and guarantee the best quality of life for all citizens, residents, and visitors as well.

dubai 2040 urban master plan

What Does the Plan Entail?

The massive plan has a detailed strategy, taking into consideration how to enhance the economy and transform Dubai into a global destination. Here are the main ideas included in Dubai 2040:

  • Dubai’s urban districts will see great development with new projects focusing on health, safety, and inclusion
  • Resources will be utilized in an efficient manner to accomplish a green approach
  • A total of 60% of the entire area in Dubai will be dedicated to nature reserves and natural spaces 
dubai master plan 2040
  • Public parks will double up in size 
  • Hotels and tourist-dedicated areas will increase in 2040 by 134% 
  • The area for commercial services in Dubai will have an additional 168 of land
  • Sustainable mobility in Dubai will be developed tremendously by connections between residential communities and service areas; this will include bicycle and walking lanes and easy access to transportation means
dubai urban master plan 2040
  • The land dedicated to education and health services and facilities will increase by 25% 
  • Public beaches will have a huge upgrade by 2040 with an increase in total length by 400%
  • A legislation and planning governance model will be developed
  • The Hatta Development Plan is part of Dubai 2040, which includes promoting tourism to Dubai’s favorite destination for outdoor activities and protecting its natural environment.
hatta development plan

Which Areas Are Included in the Dubai 2040 Plan?

The development plan will affect specific areas of the emirate, which are:

dubai 2040 vision

What Are the Expected Achievements of the Dubai Master Plan 2040?

Here are the expected goals and achievements that will take place once the plan is complete: 

  • It is expected that as a result of the plan, the number of residents in Dubai will reach 5.8 M (increasing from 3.3 M in 2020)
  • Furthermore, the day-time population in the emirate should reach 7.8 M in 2040 rising from 4.5 M in 2020
  • A much bigger economic boost will take place and investors will be attracted to the emirate in many new sectors
  • The Dubai 2040 sustainability plan encourages much more sustainable housing complexes in future projects which will attract more residents to Dubai
  • Dubai’s urban districts highlighting the emirate’s heritage and culture will be protected.
dubai 2040 sustainability

What Projects Were Included in Previous Urban Master Plans in Dubai?

Dubai 2040 is the 7th urban master plan in Dubai. Here’s a glimpse at the iconic projects from previous plans:

  • Plan 1 (1960): Al Maktoum Bridge and Dubai International Airport 
  • Plan 2 (1971): Jebel Ali Port and Dubai World Trade Centre 
  • Plan 3 (1985): Emirates Airlines and Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Plan 4 (1995): DIFC, Palm Jumeirah, and Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre 
  • Plan 5 (2008): Dubai Metro, Al Maktoum Airport, and Dubai International Airport Terminal 3
  • Plan 6 (2012): Dubai Water Canal, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, and Museum of the Future launch. 
dubai 2040 plans

The future is looking as bright as ever in Dubai. With a plan of this magnitude, the road is paved for Dubai to cement its place as the best city on the planet.

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