A Flowery Adventure at Dubai Miracle Garden

The 11th season of Dubai Miracle Garden (2022/2023), one of Dubai’s most notable seasonal attractions, is finally on the doors with many new secrets to discover. We’re here to tell you don’t miss it! 

flower park in dubai

Every year the multiple Guinness World Record park catches the attention of thousands of visitors to behold its unrivaled beauty. Hailed as the largest natural flower park in the world, you’re in for quite a sight.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dubai Miracle Garden this season:


Dubai Miracle Garden is located in Al Barsha South 3 in the heart of Dubailand, Dubai.

There’s plenty of parking at Dubai Miracle Garden and transportation options to get you there in no time.

Ticket Price 2022/2023

Dubai Miracle Garden has the following breakdown of prices this season (single entry to be purchased at the gates): 

  • Adults (12+): AED 75
  • Kids (3 to 12): AED 60
  • No entry fee to Dubai Miracle Garden for kids under 3 years of age as well as people of determination
  • If you’re looking to book a tour at Dubai Miracle Garden for schools or even touring organizations, you can send a request to booking@dubaimiraclegarden.com.
the beautiful dubai miracle garden


Dubai Miracle Garden is now open! Dubai Miracle Garden opened on the 10th of October 2022. So, you’ve got plenty of time to take it all in! We expect you’ll be craving to visit the park more than once. 


During 2022/2023, Dubai Miracle Garden opening hours are as follows, and it will be open every day:

  • Weekdays: 9 am to 9 pm
  • Weekends: 9 am to 11 pm.
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More Miracles

The best time of the year is here as Dubai Miracle Garden will open its doors in a few days. Every year surprises await visitors of this beautiful attraction and this time it’s no different. Check out these new highlights for the season: 

1. Smurfs Village

Who doesn’t love cute and small smurfs? None indeed. The Smurfs Village is the newest attraction in this outstanding destination. You will be able to explore the world of those little blue creatures. 

Visitors are going to walk through a forest of mushroom houses and a fascinating distance of flowers and plants. 

Besides, this unique spot in Dubai Miracle Garden will include 4 areas: Smurf Village, Smurf Activity Area, Smurf Topiaries, and the last one is yet to be revealed.

2. More Flowers

The 9th season opened with a bang offering a display of more than 150 million flowers in Dubai Miracle Garden with varieties that exceed 120 kinds. This year you can raise your expectations high for more colorful designs of flowers, which will amaze you.

3. Large Displays

Some of the largest displays ever introduced can be seen this time around.

dubai miracle garden tour

4. Renovated Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre was given a makeover and it’s good as new. The auditorium is lined with stunning flowers and will serve as the central stage for many entertaining performances.

It’s also the perfect spot for an unforgettable panoramic shot from above. Cameras at the ready!

5. Walkway

A walking track that’s 400 metres long is a new addition to the park this year—more space for you to take in the artistic pieces all around. And make way for fun street performers and parades while you’re at it!

dubai miracle garden open

6. Zumba

Fancy zumba sessions in the open air? There’s no better setting for it so why not give it a shot? Bring the kids along; the sessions will be quite easy and fun for everyone.

7. Aerial Floating Lady

Named right on point, you can’t miss the new sculpture of the floating lady (which sounds like something from a horror movie but it’s not). She’s all dressed up in magical flowers.

Old Favorites

We’re not forgetting what put this amazing flower park in Dubai on the map. It gained worldwide attention and for good reason!

flowers in dubai miracle garden

Here’s a recap of all the amazing returning attractions:

1. Trampoline Park

The kids don’t really want to walk around in the park? Not a problem! We bet they will have a great time in the garden’s very own trampoline park. Maybe you can even jump in there with them!

2. Night Display

At Dubai Miracle Garden, make sure to stick around after sunset because that’s when the entire garden and sculptures light up beautifully.

about dubai miracle garden

3. Emirates A380

The life-size floral replica of Emirates’ largest aircraft on the planet is quite a sight to behold. It was created during the span of 4 months with around 500,000 flowers.

This beauty is recognized as the largest floral design in the world by Guinness World Records.

emirates dubai miracle garden

4. Disney Avenue

Walk around admiring a huge Mickey Mouse sculpture that broke records with Guinness as well. The display was made from more than 100,000 flowers and weighs 35 tons. Other characters from Disney are available in the avenue to say hello!

disney avenue dubai miracle garden

5. Lost Paradise

Get lost in a world of wonder 6 metres below ground level. The Lost Paradise will take your breath away with its amazing displays.

lost paradise dubai miracle garden

6. Butterfly Passage

A picture-perfect passage underneath butterfly frames await. Seriously, don’t forget your cameras!

butterfly passage dubai miracle garden

7. Hearts Passage

If you’re in the mood for a romantic shot with your significant other, there’s no better spot. This heart-shaped passageway is popular among couples, especially on Valentine’s Day.

hearts passage dubai miracle garden

8. Umbrella Passage

Imagine looking up and finding a huge set of multi-colored umbrellas above. Great, isn’t it?

umbrella passage dubai miracle garden

9. Cabanas

Huge comfortable cabanas make for a splendid quick break in the middle of the garden.

cabanas dubai miracle garden

10. Floral Castle

A castle made of flowers? Check! Dining option? Check! Don’t miss this favorite attraction in the heart of Dubai Miracle Garden.

floral castle dubai miracle garden

11. Floral Clock

Standing at a length of 15 meters is a huge clock that changes every season. How cool is that?

floral clock dubai miracle garden

12. Lake Park

Add to all the wonders of Dubai Miracle Garden an artificial lake and you get a truly unmatched feel. Lake Park offers many floral designs surrounding sparkling water to appreciate and never forget.

lake park dubai miracle garden

13. Hilltop

What’s better than flowers perfectly arranged all around is a design on a hillside. The view is one to die for.

hilltop dubai miracle garden

14. Big Teddy Bear

A relatively new addition to the park, who doesn’t love a giant teddy bear? The 12-meter long structure is quite impressive, the bear with a big heart—literally!

big teddy bear dubai miracle garden

15. Gazebos

Now this is a sight that brings back the feel of gardens through history, built for royalty. The astounding gazebos built in the middle of Dubai Miracle Garden give off only beauty.

The architecture of gazebos date back to Greece, Persia, and even China. They truly complement any garden they are designed into, so quite fitting for the largest floral garden in the world!

gazebos dubai miracle garden

A Thing for Butterflies

Dubai Miracle Garden and Dubai Butterfly Garden go hand in hand. Designed by the same minds behind Miracle Garden, this butterfly garden in Dubai is located right opposite it and is just as fascinating.

Dubai Butterfly Garden holds the record of being the largest of its kind in the world. Here you will get to interact with butterflies up close and personal! The garden is home to about 15,000 lovely colorful butterflies featuring more than 26 different species.

In addition, since Dubai Butterfly Garden’s location is nearly the same as Dubai Miracle Garden, going there is a good choice for a day out without  any traffic hassle. 

dubai butterfly garden

Ticket Price 2022/2023

Dubai Butterfly Garden has the following prices:

  • Adults: AED 55
  • Kids 3-12 years old: AED 55
  • Kids under 3 and people of determination: Free of charge. 


Dubai Butterfly Garden will operate from 9 am to 6 pm everyday. 

Opening Months 

Dubai Butterfly Garden is open now and will continue to be open for the same season as Dubai Miracle Garden. 

butterfly park dubai

The best thing about Dubai in winter is that outdoor activities are plentiful; you can go to a new place every day for the entire season! Gather your loved ones and head to Dubai Miracle Garden once it opens for a great time. 

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