How to Solve a Rental Dispute in Dubai

Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord in Dubai, your rights are always considered. The rental dispute in Dubai is the legal way to seek assistance whenever you have a concern with the other party. 

This article is your savior to know more about the entity responsible for rental dispute cases in Dubai and how the process goes in the simplest way. Keep reading! 

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1. What Are the Common Reasons for Rental Disputes in Dubai?

There are many reasons for disputes between landlord and tenant, but the most common ones are the following:

  • Unreasonable grounds for eviction
  • Increase of rent by the landlord without adhering to the Dubai rent increase law.
  • Cutting off essential services to the tenant
  • Leasing apartment with defects and pest infection
  • Unreasonable deduction from the security deposit (also known as dispute move-out charges).

2. Where Can You File a Complaint Against the Landlord?

The Rental Dispute Center (RDC),  under RERA’s supervision, is responsible for disputes in Dubai. It was also known as Rental Dispute Settlement Centre.

When submitting a case to the RDC, it is crucial to make sure that all required paperwork is included. You can go to the RDC to file your complaint once the paperwork is ready.

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3. Where Is the Rental Dispute Centre in Dubai Located?

The RDC is inside the Department of Land and Property in Dubai, 10 3rd street, Riggat Al Buteen, Deira, Dubai.

In addition, the Rental Dispute Center’s location in Dubai is easily accessible from the different areas of the city. 

4. What Is the Contact Information for the Rental Dispute Centre in Dubai?

You can communicate with this entity whenever you need. Here is the contact number of the Rental Dispute Center in Dubai: 

  • 800 4488

5. What Are the Working Timings for RDC in Dubai?

The working timings for Rental Dispute Centre in Dubai are as follows:

  • Monday – Thursday: 7:30 am – 3 pm
  • Fridays: 7:30 – 12 pm
  • Saturdays and Sundays: off 

6. What Are the Needed Documents for a Case Inquiry at Rental Disputes Center?

There are a number of required documents to submit a rental dispute against the landlord; you should make sure you have originals and copies of the following documents when filing your rental dispute:

  • Your passport, residence visa, and Emirates ID
  • Latest Ejari certificate
  • Tenancy contract
  • Recent DEWA bills
  • Rental deposit slip
  • Copies of cheques issued to the landlord
  • Title of Deed and landlord’s passport copy
  • Copies of any correspondence between you and the landlord regarding the dispute
  • Any other relevant documentation which may support your case.
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7. How Much Is the Cost of Issuing a Rental Dispute Case? 

The fee of the rental dispute in Dubai is 3.5% of the total annual rent. For the financial claims:

  • Minimum: AED 500
  • Maximum: AED 15,000

Although, the maximum amount could reach AED 20,000 in the evacuation cases. It also might reach AED 35,000 if the case is both eviction and finance. 

Besides, there is a translation fee, as some documents should all be in Arabic, in addition to the administration fee. 

  • Translation cost: AED 210/page
  • Administration fee
    • Power of Attorney registration (if applies): AED 25
    • Process service: AED 100
    • Fast Track notification: AED 105
    • Knowledge fee: AED 10
    • Innovation fee: AED 10

8. How Can You File a Rental Dispute in Dubai?

The process of filing a complaint with RERA Dubai against the landlord is very easy and straightforward. 

Besides, the Rental Dispute Center offers online and offline services to submit your claim; here is in few steps: 

  • You should head to the RDC to fill out your complaint and file your case after preparing your documents
  • The typist will translate the documents and ask you about the dispute to formalise your document correctly
  • You can then submit your claim either online on DLD official website or offline at Real Estate Services Trustees Centers. 

You should stick to these measurements when filing a complaint in Dubai, according to RERA procedures. 

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9. How Is the Rental Dispute in Dubai Solved?

Step 1: Resolution

This is the initial step where the two parties attempt to resolve the dispute; this is after submitting the complaint to RDC and providing the necessary documents, which are listed below:  

  • RDC application
  • Original copy of the petition 
  • The current tenancy contract
  • Trade licence (if applicable)
  • Copy of the complainant’s passport or a power of attorney (if applicable)

Then you pay the cost of issuing a rental dispute.

Step 2: Hearing of First Instance

In case the issue isn’t resolved in the first session with the Arbitration Department, then this step is essential. This is as the court will hear from both parties their claims, which are provided in a memorandum to the judge. 

Step 3: Appealing Filing 

This step is valid only in case the initial judgment wasn’t satisfactory. For disputes that are more than AED 50,000, the complainant can initiate an appeal. 

The real estate lawyers can do it within 15 days from the judgment’s issuance date. 

Step 4: Filing with the Court of Cassation

Shifting to the Court of Cassation is valid in case the value of your tenancy dispute is a minimum of AED 330,000. You can file the appeal with the Court of Cassation within 30 days post the Court of Appeal issues its judgment. 

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Step 5: Collection of Awards

If the judgment is satisfying for one of the parties, then they can use legal remedies ( financially compensating the other party) to settle the tenancy dispute case. 

Finally, the Rental Dispute Centre in Dubai is authorized to hear rental disputes except those that are related to financial lease agreements and disputes that take place in the emirate’s free zones. 

Knowing about rental disputes is super important not only to know your rights but also to avoid problems with the landlord unless it’s urgent. 

10. What Happens if the Rent Dispute Is Resolved out of Court Before the Case Date?

In the event that this occurs, you and the landlord are no longer required to attend the hearing to discuss the case. It is assumed that your absence equals a resolution.

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