You can contact an agent in real time via WhatsApp

Enquire about a property with a real estate agent even after office hours

Clients can easily check on the availability and specifications of a property with an agent via WhatsApp even after office hours.

What if you could strike up an instant conversation with an agent via WhatsApp on a property that you are interested in? That is now possible with WhatsApp Leads, a new tool launched by Property Finder. This makes it the first property portal in the UAE offering this unique service.

With 80% of the UAE’s population using WhatsApp, and many users browsing properties late in the evening when calling is not an option, we wanted to make it even easier for our users to contact an agent about a property

Yi-Wei Ang, Vice-President of Product, Property Finder

As you browse through listings on Property Finder, you can find the familiar green WhatsApp logo next to the property details. Around 45,000 listings on Property Finder have this feature attached to them. Just click on the little green icon to instantly converse with the agent promoting the said property.

Often, real estate agents are busy throughout the day with viewings and might be hard to reach. With WhatsApp Leads, you can easily check on the availability and specifications of a property with an agent even after office hours.

This is an additional platform for property seekers to contact agents besides emails and phone calls. With a real estate agent available at your fingertips on WhatsApp, home hunters can now receive more photos, documents, videos and voice notes about their preferred property and get all their queries answered instantly.

Property seekers will also know when an agent is online and has read their message. This will guarantee instant communication and facilitate deal making.

  • 45,000 listings on Property Finder have WhatsApp feature attached to them
  • Property seekers get better connectivity with real estate agents
  • House hunters will receive more photos, videos and documents on the property of their choice  

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