Your Guide to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Are you an adrenaline lover searching for your next extreme experience? If so, then you must head to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi – where you will have the ride of your life. Explore this great adventure destination with its rides, zones, restaurants, and shops. 

What is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi 

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World is a theme park in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi. It is home to the fastest roller coaster all over the world: the Formula Rossa. In addition, it has various record-breaking rides for being the highest-loop rides and the tallest ones all over the world. 

Moreover, this theme park offers you the chance to experience driving a real-life Ferrari car with the help of trained instructors. Also, it has various kid-friendly rides and themed zones for everyone to enjoy. 


In addition, Ferrari Abu Dhabi is located on Yas Island. More specifically, it is located within Yas Mall on the ground floor. 

Nearby Communities & Attractions 

Ferrari Park Abu Dhabi is within close proximity to various residential communities and tourist attractions. Its strategic location makes it a great destination for families to have a fun weekend. 

  • Al Reef: 10 minutes away
  • Etihad Arena: 10 minutes away
  • Saadiyat Island: 20 minutes away
  • Yas Beach: 9 minutes away 
  • Al Rahah: 12 minutes away 
  • SeaWorld Abu Dhabi: 5 minutes away

Yas Ferrari World Zones 

First of all, if you want to plan your visit to Yas Mall Ferrari World, then you must understand its zones. The park is divided into four main zones, and each zone has plenty for you to explore.

Family Zone 

Activites rides at Ferrari world

First, if you are looking for fun with your little ones, then the family zone is the place to go. You will find less fast rides, but just as exciting. All of these rides are kid-friendly, so your child will experience an enjoyable ride without being scared. The rides you will find in this zone are: 

Racing Zone 

This is where all the magic happens. The Race Zone is where you can experience the thrill of being an F1 racer. Also, it is where you will get the adrenaline rush with the world’s record-breaking roller coasters. Such as: 

Italian Zone 

This zone takes you back to Ferrari’s Italian origins. The zone mimics Maranello, a small Italian village and the home of Ferrari. You can stroll there and enjoy the fountains and Italian paintings. You can stop by the Ferrari Factory too! Moreover, the Ferrari’s Italian zone is where you will find the world’s highest roller coaster loop, the Flying Aces, as well as: 

Adventure Zone 

extreme rides at Ferrari World

Finally, this is where all adrenaline junkies meet – where you will be in for super fast fun. This zone is only for the strong-hearted. Where you will be flying from roofs, heading to the highest point on Yas Island, and experiencing all sorts of racing. The extreme rides at this zone are:

Ferrari Abu Dhabi Rides 

As you learned above, each zone is home to a few exciting rides. In addition, these rides are categorised into fast-fun and family-friendly. See the tables below for all details. 

Fast Fun Rides at Ferrari World 

Ride Required Height 
Formula Rossa140-195 CM
Flying Aces130-196 CM
Turbo Track130-196 CM
Fiorano GT Challenge130-195 CM
Mission Ferrari130 CM
Karting AcademyNone
Advanced Scuderia Challenge+ 130 CM

Family Rides at Ferrari World 

Ride Required Height 
Turbo Tower105 CM
Formula Rossa Junior90 CM
Flying Wings105 CM
Speedway Race90 – 120 CM
Bell’ Italia120-200 CM
Junior Grand Prix110 CM – 140 CM
Benno’s Great Race120 CM
Speed of Magic100 CM
Nello’s Adventureland100 CM
Viaggio in Italia100 CM
Tyre Twist107 CM
Driving with the Champion107 CM
Made in Maranello120 CM
RC ChallengeNone
Tyre Change Experience140 CM
Junior Training Camp120 CM
Motor Midway GamesNone

Ferrari World Yas Island Restaurants 

F1 in Ferrari World

One of the best things about Ferrari World is that it is not just a place to get a taste of excitement and adrenaline. But it is a place where you will also taste delicious food. There are various restaurants in Ferrari World across its zones. Including: 

Restaurant Cuisine Zone Phone Number 
Espresso RossoCoffee & pastries Family Zone +971 2 496 8000
Il PodioInternational Racing Zone +971 2 496 8000
Officers Food QuartersFast food Italian Zone
Mamma RossellaItalian Italian Zone+971 2 496 8000

What is the Tasty Ticket? 

The Tasty Ticket is a redeemable meal voucher at all the restaurants mentioned above. For adults, the voucher is worth AED 50, and it is AED 40 for juniors. Additionally, it is worth mentioning this ticket is sold online only. So make sure to get yours before arriving at Ferrari World. 

Ferrari World Shops 

You simply cannot get to Ferrari World and not buy a lot of souvenirs, right? The retail space at the theme park is massive, and it offers various branded products and memorabilia, such as a display of F1 cars, Italian clothing, accessories, and much more. You can shop at either The Ferrari Store or Ferrari Store Driving Experience. 

Ferrari World Tickets

Ferrari World entrance

Visiting Ferrari World is one of the best things to do in Yas Island. So, get your tickets online now to experience the amazing and thrilling adventures at Ferrari World. The ticket prices are as follows: 

  • Single-day ticket: AED 345 
  • 2 park tickets: AED 475
  • 3 park tickets: AED 575 
  • 4 park tickets: AED 675 
  • Friends and family offer: AED 1035 


Ferrari theme park

What is the Ferrari World phone number? 

You can contact Ferrari World at +971 2 496 8000 for any inquiries. 

What are Ferrari World Abu Dhabi working hours? 

Ferrari World Yas Island is open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm. 

What is Ferrari’s Quick Pass? 

A quick pass will allow you unlimited access to priority queues at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. So, instead of waiting in time, you will be able to get into the rides just as fast as F1 racers! You can purchase it online for AED 150

What are Ferrari World events? 

The theme parks host various events and celebrations all year round, such as summer races, Women of Ferrari World, and Formula Run. 

To sum up, visiting Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a great adventure for adrenaline junkies and white knucklers alike. It is the perfect place to play, dine, and stroll about beautiful Italian-themed villages. Make sure to check out more guides on Property Finder’s blog, such as the best indoor theme parks in all of the UAE

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