A guide to a perfect apartment viewing

What to look out for when viewing an unfurnished apartment in Dubai. propertyfinder.ae has put together a list of things you MUST look out for and in order to not to get fooled by.

The Property

UAE apartment viewing

How much storage space is there?

Check for built-in closets in the bedrooms and cupboards in the bathrooms. Built-in furniture could save you a lot of money and allows you to create that smooth transition between spaces.

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Which direction does the apartment face?

East or north? The direction which the apartment is facing makes all the difference in the world when it comes to sunlight and temperature. East facing properties, for example, face the rising sun and might be considered preferable by many.

The size of the rooms?

Make sure to estimate the size of the rooms and whether they would fit your furniture and belongings or not. While apartment hunting, go prepared and take a tape measure with you.

Power sockets?

Sounds like a given but you would be surprised to know that many apartments don’t have the appropriate number of power sockets; a room can never have too many!

Window types?

Check for windows whether they’re working properly or not. Also, make sure the windows open so you could air out your apartment every now and then.

Asymmetrical walls?

Are the walls straight or are they oddly shaped? Being aware of how symmetrical your interiors are will make a difference when you start picking and placing furniture, art pieces, and other decoratives. Symmetry can deliver a big statement on a small budget and make a smaller space feel more important. 


Try all the water faucets in the house and making sure the water is odorless and colorless. Rusty water could indicate poor pipework. 

The Noise

Noise pollution

Any infestations?  

Check behind doors, under the cabinets and everywhere else for ants, cockroaches or mold. Your landlord is obliged by law to make sure the rental unit is respecting the rules of living condition before the new tenant moves in. 

The surroundings

Is there construction going on around your building? How about loud parking lots or traffic intersections?

What’s the area like?

Is it well equipped with street lights? Are there any amenities, local shops, and supermarkets around the building?


Check whether your building supports both Etisalat and Du internet operators.

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The Finance

signing a contract

  • How much is the rent and what is included in this price?

-Are the amenities of the building included in the rent? How about the appliances? Chiller fees?

-What other bills are there and what are you liable to pay for?

-What are the estimated running costs of the property?

-Can you comfortably afford the rent on top of the deposits and running costs?

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  • General considerations if you decide to proceed

Double-check the inventory before you move in

Get a copy of the tenancy agreement and make sure you fully understand it

Keep your own signed copy of the tenancy agreement

Can you ask previous tenants about their experience with the landlord and the property?


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