Highest Paid Jobs in the UAE

Whether you’re a UAE resident or planning to move there and searching for jobs with better salaries, this article is your saver.

It includes all the information you need about the jobs with high salaries in the UAE. To know more about them in a detailed and easy way, just scroll down.

Highest Paid Jobs in the UAE

1.Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A CMO is responsible for the marketing of an organization, aiming to improve the brand. As a CMO, you work on the brand strategies to maintain and develop the product. 

This job is one of the highest paying professions in the UAE. This is due to the presence of numerous brands and organizations in the UAE, so the CMO role is essential there. 

Salary Range

From AED 39,000 to AED 46,000 monthly, according to Payscale.

Top Companies

  • Allianz International Holdings 
  • Cornucopia ltd. 
  • Bright Fortune FMS
  • Reeqwest HR Consultancy Solutions
  • IT&M Consultancy Service.
most paid jobs in UAE

2. Judges 

The Judge profession is one of the hardest jobs as it requires deep knowledge about the laws and attention to every detail to decide fairly the right sentence. As a result, it’s undoubtedly on the list of highly paid jobs.

You’re highly rewarded because of your great responsibility and critical role. Here’s a new chance to challenge yourself if your studying field is law-related. 

Salary Range 

From AED 34,100 to AED 108,000 monthly, according to Salary Expert.

top paid jobs in UAE

3.Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Financial Officers (CFO) rank number one since they have a huge responsibility in maintaining the business’ financial system. 

They take crucial decisions on risky matters of profits, investment, and accounting. Besides, as a CFO, all the financial issues will be your responsibility.

The launch of all these international organizations in Dubai drove the demand for this profession. Consequently, it’s among the jobs with the highest salary in the UAE.

If you are experienced in this field and good at making decisions, then this one’s for you. 

Salary Range

From AED 25,000 to AED 59,000 monthly, according to Payscale.

Top Companies

  • Honeywell
  • Puma 
  • Rebel Foods
  • Robert Half
  • CBRE.
best paying jobs in UAE

4. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

In case you’re curious to know about the highest paying jobs in the UAE, Chief Executive Officer or CEO is definitely among them.

No company can run its business without its CEO, as he/she is the decision maker. You will be responsible for managing the company with an effectively planned system. Besides, you should pay attention to every detail to help the company develop and compete in the market. 

This position is needed in all the national and multinational companies in the UAE, especially in Dubai. This is to guarantee the continuity of the business and its success.

Salary Range

From AED 24,100 to AED 76,600 monthly, according to Salary Expert.

Top Companies

  • MB&F
  • Edelman Middle East
  • Frank Porter
  • Oriental Pearls.
highest paid jobs in UAE

5. Actuaries

Insurance companies are widely spread in the UAE; one of the main roles at those companies is actuary. Your role is to do a vast data search to identify and evaluate any risk possibilities. 

After doing the analysis process, you should put insurance policies and lower the risk as much as you can. Actuaries are paid the highest salaries in UAE as their task is essential for insurance companies.

Salary Range

From AED 21,450 to AED 38,000 monthly, according to Salary Expert.

Top Companies

  • Milliman
  • Mercer
  • AIG
  • EY
  • PwC.
high salary jobs in UAE

6. College Professors

For those who have been teaching in universities for years and have a PHD degree, congrats as your job is ranked among the highest paid jobs in the UAE. 

Moreover, if you’re not experienced but thinking about joining the academic field, surely it’s a good decision and worth it.

It’s one of the most notable jobs since the college professor has a great impact on the students’ minds, through guiding them during their new chapter. That’s why your role is so important not only on the academic level but also the personal one. 

You can join the staff of many prestigious universities and institutes in the Emirates, including different fields of study. Don’t hesitate and apply at any of them. 

Salary Range

From AED 19,100 to AED 61,000 monthly, according to Salary Explorer. 

Top Universities

  • American University in Dubai
  • University of Dubai 
  • Al Ain University 
  • Canadian University Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi University.
highest paid salary in UAE

7. Lawyer

Since you want to know everything about the top paid jobs in UAE, lawyers come on the top of the list. As a lawyer, you work for organizations to handle their legal affairs and protect the business from any illegal compliance. 

You will also manage contracts and legal agreements; besides, you can also specialize in a particular task like copyright law or practice various areas of law. 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have a big number of companies and organizations; this makes lawyers most needed there to manage all their legal matters.

Salary Range

From AED 18,200 to AED 62,900 monthly, according to Salary Explorer.

Top Companies

  • Al Balooshi Law Firm 
  • Revin Legal Translation
  • Hikmat Fayad and Associates
  • Dubai Copyright Office 
  • Taswiyeh.
Lawyer the highest paying jobs in the UAE

8. Senior Human Resources 

For those who have been working in the HR field for a long time, you’re lucky; the senior Human Resources is one of the jobs with high salaries in the UAE. 

The Human Resources department is an essential one in all the companies, entities, and organizations. This gives you more chances and possibilities to find a very promising career with a good salary too. 

Salary Range 

From AED 18,000 to AED 24,750 monthly, according to Payscale.

Top Companies 

  • Najma Consultancy 
  • Tuscan Consultancy 
  • Irish Consulting. 
best salary jobs in UAE

9. Data Scientist 

Are you passionate about data collection and analyzing it? If yes, then working as a data scientist fits you the most. 

Lately, It’s one of the most sought after roles in many organizations, as the analysis of information helps companies manage and plan for their business effectively. 

Moreover, seeking this job in the UAE ensures you a high salary. You can find many vacancies at the notable companies there. Take a new step in your career life and chase your passion. 

Salary Range

From AED 17,600 to AED 49,000 monthly, according to Salary Explorer.

Top Companies

  • Oracle
  • Sigma Data Systems
  • PwC.
top salaries in UAE

10. IT Manager

Technology is one of the most prominent industries in the UAE, where many people seek better opportunities in this career. As an IT Manager, your role is to manage projects like designing, development, supporting, and testing.

This profession is from the high salary jobs in the UAE, because it’s mostly needed in various companies and organizations throughout the Emirates.

In case IT or computing aren’t your studying fields but you are interested in them, you can find numerous online courses and videos to learn more and start working in this field. 

Salary Range

From AED 17,300 to AED 52,100 monthly, according to Salary Explorer

Top Companies

  • Accel Frontline JLT
  • Aphidas 
  • Fluid Codes 
  • Pixel Digital System LLC.
Highest salary in UAE

11. Doctors

The medical field is the most important among all the working fields. Being a doctor is not easy but if you’re living in the Emirates, you’re well-rewarded. 

As a doctor you receive the highest salary in the UAE, although it might differ according to the speciality. Specialities like Neurologists, Surgeons, Cardiologists, and Psychologists earn the highest salary in UAE per month. 

It’s due to the investment in hospitals and medical centers to meet the world standards excellence. If you’re thinking of seeking a new job offer, with no doubts UAE should be your destination.

Salary Range

  • General Practitioners: from AED 16,800 to AED 80,000 
  • Surgeons: from AED 22,000 to AED 36,000 
  • Psychiatrists: from AED 25,000 to AED 32,000 
  • Cardiologists: from AED 56,000 to AED 115,000 
  • Neurologists: from AED 44,000 to AED 86,000.

Salaries are according to Payscale, Salary Explorer, and Salary Expert.

Highest paid professions in UAE

Top Medical Centers and Hospitals

  • Novomed Centers 
  • Clinic for Health and Medical Care
  • German Neuroscience Center 
  • American Academy for Cosmetic Surgery Hospital
  • American Spine Center. 

12. Bank Manager

You’re lucky if you’re experienced in the banking field, as a Bank Manager is from the top paid jobs in the Emirates. 

Bank Managers are the spine of any bank; you take extremely important decisions, decide on long-term loans, and interfere in investments, which would raise the profile and control the image of the bank. 

That is why it’s considered one of the highest paid jobs in the UAE, which you should consider. This is specifically in Dubai and Abu Dhabi where the need for Bank Managers is crucial as they have the largest banks in the Middle East.

Salary Range

From AED 16,900 to AED 55,400 monthly, according to Salary Explorer.

Top Banks

  • Emirates NBD 
  • National Bank of Abu Dhabi 
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank 
  • Dubai Islamic Bank.
Jobs with highest salary in UAE

13. Pilots 

Being a pilot is not only a very interesting job, but also more rewarding and exciting if you work in the UAE. As a pilot there you will relish many advantages and earning a huge salary is one of them. 

Besides, there are various companies there that are known to be the top worldwide. This provides you with many vacancies at those recognizable ones. 

In addition, Emirates is from the top airline companies in the world; you could be lucky enough to join them. Nothing is impossible! 

Salary Range

From AED 16,900 to AED 55,300 monthly, according to Salary Explorer.

Top Companies

  • Emirates
  • Air Arabia 
  • Fly Dubai.
Highest salary in UAE per month

14. Engineers

Engineering is a very promising field in the Emirates. You will find a variety of specialities that are among the most in-demand jobs in the UAE. Whether a fresh graduate or with experience, it doesn’t matter, as the UAE is the ultimate spot for a good engineering career for all stages.

In addition, there are some engineering fields that get the top salaries in the UAE like Civil, AI, Mechanical, and Petroleum Engineering. 

Salary Range

  • Civil Engineer: from AED 15,500 to AED 27,000 monthly
  • Petroleum  Engineer: from AED 24,000 to AED 43,000 monthly 
  • Mechanical Engineer: from AED 16,500 to AED 29,000 monthly 
  • AI Engineer: from AED 19,800 to AED 35,000 monthly

Salaries are according to the Salary Expert.

Top Companies

  • Al Futtaim 
  • Emaar 
  • Nakheel
  • Petroleum Middle East 
  • ADNOC – Distribution
  • GISCO 
  • AL Shirawi Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
  • MobiDev
  • Sigma Data Systems. 
Highly paid jobs in UUAE

Here are all the details you need to know about the highest paid jobs in the UAE. We hope this helps you in taking a decision to achieve your career goals. 

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