How displaying transactions secured Blissimi Real Estate more Property Owner and Landlord enquiries



We at propertyfinder consistently push for best practice in the UAE real estate market, including promoting closer relationships between real estate agents and property owners, and bringing more transparency in property transactions in the region.

The “Transactions” field highlights the number of deals, both sales and rentals, completed by an agent. In addition to increased market transparency, this initiative aims to increase the number and quality of leads that we deliver across all sections of the site.

Case study: Blissimi Real Estate

Blissimi Real Estate is a boutique estate agency located in Dubai and has been a client of propertyfinder since January 2015. Its founders have over 30 years combined experience in the property industry both in the UK and Dubai and, although the climate might be very different, the principle of helping their customers in the most professional manner is just the same.

How has displaying the number of Transactions helped Blissimi Real Estate?

“Since we started to supply our transaction data to we have seen a substantial increase in leads, but what has been equally impressive for us is the number of property owners contacting us requesting that we work on their behalf.
With the changes in advertising regulations implemented by RERA at the end of 2016, we feel that owners are becoming more selective who they choose to work with when it comes to selling or renting their property.”


Joshua Holt

Managing Director, BLISSIMI Real Estate

Transactions – FAQs

Who can participate in the Transactions initiative?

All clients are invited to participate as we aim to bring pricing intelligence and improve transparency in the UAE real estate market.

What are the benefits of disclosing transactions?

Providing this basic market data to consumers allows for several benefits, mainly:

  • More qualified enquiries: a more informed consumer has a better understanding of agent areas of expertise and the number of deals you, an agent, completed.
  • By the time a consumer reached out to you, they know you’re the right agent for their needs.
  • More vendor leads: property owners looking to sell their properties will be better positioned to find the right agent to complete the transaction.
  • Improved brand positioning: promoting the number of deals you’ve done strengthens your position as a market-leading expert to consumers on

How can I be certain that my data is protected? has a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that will be signed upon request and before the information is shared. NDA highlights the uses of information you provide, and specifically, what information will never be shared. In addition, and to ensure the protection of your valuable assets, we are not interested in collecting the contact details of your clients, so if you prefer to black out your clients’ contact details (email addresses, phone numbers), we will still accept the documents. To request a copy of the NDA, please email us at

To take part in the Transactions initiative simply email us at

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